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Morning! So yesterday, half of the time we were paying attention in the LT, another half, suddenly we drifted to kahwin kahwin stuff! Hehs, be it from bridal to deco to the different types of sanggul lintang etc. Excited kejap coz I don’t really talk about kahwin stuff with my cliques (yet coz everyone’s busy with their own life and we hardly have time to meet).

Initially, me and my partner set our wedding date to be December 2014. Because this wedding thing come in quite a sudden, I didn’t even look/research/put in some thoughts on how our dream wedding will be like. I lovee reading k.a.h.w.i.n.k-h-r-o-n-i-c-l-e-s and will take a look at the list of vendors she direct a link to. She makes me tak sabar nak kahwin gitu (*miang mode*). lol. Since we know for sure, we’ll do a combine wedding (our void decks are pretty much pathetic), I searched and queried on the rates for deco at CC. Damn, expensive or what! :/ Not helping when my partner strongly believes that people will come to wedding and remember the food more and not as much as the deco part..which is a reasonable argument. Thus, he gave me the budget of $3k-$3.5k for deco. After a few queries of those that I like, it’s damn impossible to get the rate especially for CC! Haish.. I fell in love with 3 vendors:

1) Kasai Sayang

The date I queried was booked! Damn damn heartpain + devastated + whatsnot 😦 It was only in 2012 I tell you. I know Dec is a peak period but my first choice was rejected. The pain kalah my first heartbreak you know!

2) Jannah Daud

Her rates are quite reasonable. I loveee how she always posted some interesting themes in the fb. Super nice! Availability – I think not a problem also.

3) Saiful Imran SideEvents 

$5k..kirim salam. But gotta give credits to them for the nice deco they provide, even to the extent of small details. Just not within our budget at all. So had to give it a pass.

Yes, theme wedding was what I wanted but we have not give it a thought on what theme etc. Well, it comes later in the process right?.. I told the man that I want to engage Jannah Daud, he told me to wait. So I waited. Somehow later, (sorry, STM moments..) we changed the date to early 2015 coz we felt that 2014 was quite a rush (plus we’re both still studying and have to start saving from scratch). We went to the first expo exhibition, spent a long time listening to this chi co. that provides a known make up artist, bridal, photoshoot etc. Thank god we didn’t sign up! Sorry la, noob man. We seriously did not know what to expect.  Almost signed up but it’s quite expensive leh now that I think back. Only limited choices there.. ISS Wedding and Amani Wedding – both of which, we’ve not heard of at all! So I told my partner,”Just take it with an open heart and ears too”.

Long story cut short…we chose Amani Wedding! Not really a full package..only took Bridal, Deco and Photography because my dad told us he wanted to engage Cikgu Jumari to cook for my wedding (no objections on that coz he’s paying and his food is awesome!).

After we had chosen it, I thought the major part was settled. But damn me for liking and follow other vendors at FB. I saw the beautiful deco, bridal, photos..and..I’ve a change of heart. So this blog is dedicated for me to assure myself that my choice is right. Yes, I’m fickled like that. I know my choice is the right least, I’ve the confidence in the deco and bridal..with exception of the photography. Haish.. will update more on it some day, with pictures too.



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