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Last week my friend shared with me this screenshot (see above picture). A short background on me. I’m the last child. Apparently, my parents can’t wait to get rid of me. Or so I think that way.. And because of that, my parents advised us to go simple (Initially they wanted us to nikah gantung. I’m sorry I don’t believe in such thing and I was pissed because of that! Both my sisters had gone through quite a grand wedding but when it’s my turn, they want to go simple. So bad right?). Okay I accept simplicity..but it’s my BIG day and afterall (insyaallah), I’m getting married once! I think coz my parents are old and tired to go through the whole event. So, simple wedding it is….to a certain extent! Hehs.

So back to the screenshot above.Photos! I blogged previously that I wanted to change our photographer. Not that it is not good…it’s just that it’s too simple for my liking. The editing, the wordings, the moments, the focus, the color tone etc .. not my taste. The boy asked me to tell the photographer to do it our way. I feel..bad. You don’t tell a professional how to do their job. Each individual have their own style of taking photos and editing. Of course as a client we should tell them our preferences. But if it will result in the change of style and concept of their own, it’s just wrong to me.

I’m still trying very hard to convince the boy to change. He said there will be penalty charges if we change since we’ve put our deposit. I’m not sure if they’ll do the give-and-take thingy. Meaning I drop the photography but I’ll take other package to compensate the amount? We’ve to make our way there soon! (After exams probably..MAY!) Pfftt. I want pretty pictures.

I have a few vendors that I’m interested in engaging 🙂

1) Kiera-Roxanne

I loveee how she’s good at capturing moments of the bride and groom. Her editting is awesome as well! The thing about wedding pictures are I enjoy reading the short sentences/words they add on to the photo, somehow interpreting it right. And the fonts used (Yes, I look into fonts as well! That’s how particular I am) are quite nice too 😀

2) Bliss PhotoCinema

Yes, the popular vendors among the btb. The moments captured were prefect. I hoped I turned out looking good in the photo naturally. I’m not good in being natural in front of cameras – all I do is smile while others making funny poses. I know B-O-R-I-N-G~ Gonna work on it once the braces is off 😉

3) D’Shootz Studio Photography

This is like the combination of both no. 1 and 2. I always enjoy their videography and photography as well. Initially, I’m keen in engaging them for videography but they said it’s too early to book. So I had to wait for June then -.- Since we want to engage them as videography, might as well take their whole package as well right? Senang sikit. Hehe..

Sorry, I don’t put their photos here coz I’ll find myself weird too should I come across a blog with a photo of me and my partner. Awkwardd~

Okay moving on..budget is still our first priority then it’s our preferences. For D’Shootz, they’ve  released their pricing for 2015! Bliss PhotoCinema will release their price list end of the this year while Kiera Roxanne, I’ve yet to enquire. Like paisey to enquire because almost all that I enquired, they said it’s too early and price lists have not released yet. Nvm, I’ve got nothing to lose 😀

Till then, don’t overspend  people!


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