I’m backkkk! Exams were over last Monday. It’s tough juggling part time study and working full time. First few papers were quite tough but heck care, gonna celebrate and worry bout the results later. Hehs.

So back to wedding planning..

I told the man that we need to check out most things off the lists by end of this year. I know the wedding will be in Jan 2015, but I foresee next year it’ll be more hectic and more usage of money! So might as well right? The month of May going to end soon..hello June! And it’ll be our 6th years anniversary. Woah, time sure passed by fast. Hehs. And it’s approximately 1.5 years more to go for the wedding! Meaning, it’s not too early to start booking the vendors 🙂 We’re gonna start with booking of videographer. But with our photographer still pending whether or not we can change, we had to put the booking of videographer on hold as well. Because I find it’s better to book both from the same vendor (more cost saving?).

So, recently CST SG have a very lovely offer going on! (while stock last that is). I only began knowing about CST when the Malaysia artists got married. Their videos were amazing! Managed to capture the moments, akad nikah and every single thing la. Love love their videos! Then I came to know they have one in sg. Did enquire with them but they have not release the price for 2015 (standard -.- albeit too early?) The thing about them, they charged by per event. Nikah and sanding = 2 events. It was costly when I enquire them before but with their offer now, its so tempting to just book them!


My man is so lepak jack. Mostly I’ll be the one doing the research, decide and consult him. Haiya, that’s the only minus point from him. Too simple. Sume sembarang but must be cost saving (i understand that part since he’ll be the one forking out the money on his own). I’m soo different from him. Ohwells, they say opposite attract? It sure does! Gonna get him to be involved as much as I can. But yeah, can’t do anything until we go down to our main vendor place to discuss on dropping one of the item we had chosen :/

There’s one thing I wanna include in the video. The so called lip-syncing music video! The one that SCHA and AWAL did for their wedding! So fun and exciting gitu!! XD Nak jugakkk boleh?


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