All in one.

Since we’re planning to have our wedding at CC, it’s obviously more costly than doing it under the void deck. So we calculated, if we were to have the normal nikah the night before sanding, the cost can even reach up till 4-5k. Which, as usual, we don’t think it’s worth it :/ Budget barbie abes! But true what. Let’s be logical about it. That extra 1k or 2k, might as well I invested in my dulang items/food/deco/guestbook/bedroom set/honeymoon kan! He always says,”Don’t spend so much on wedding”, but honey, it’s a MALAY WEDDING! More or less, the money spent for wedding is already costly but what to do. The only way is we have to curb/control money spending on unnecessary things as much as we can. Trust me, I TRY okay.

So, we came up with all different ways to cut down the cost for venue itself.

1) Nikah the night before at my house.

Haish, I really miss my old house. It wouldn’t be a problem if I were to stay at my old house. My house is quite small and doesn’t accommodate to a lot of people. And worse still, lepas nikah kan nk makan2..mane nk sumbat tu makanan and place for people to eat at ease. that one, confirm plus chop, out!

2) Nikah the night before at CC.

Space, checked! Tempat makan, obviously checked! The only thing is..extra cost! We need to book the place 7hrs before for deco to be ready..aircon, sewa tempat masak etc.

So, we finally decide to have a 1 day wedding. Yeap, nikah pagi, sanding petang. BUT. I foresee there’s going to be a lot of stress. Won’t it be rushing? Nak amek, if we were to do videography, they actually charge us for 8hrs of service for each event (or so..can’t remember exact hrs). If nikah pagi, I scared tak sempat nak capture the moments..or let’s just say, in my opinion, I’ll be losing out in terms of its cost.

Thus, the schedule has been bugging me ever since we confirm it. IKR -.-

Recently, talked it out with him, and he said it’s either we nikah kat masjid or nikah the night before at CC (back to our original plan). Pusing punya pusing, it’s back to square one plak. Haish, have to recalculate on our budget. But on the other hand, what is it like to nikah at masjid eh?.. My friend told me that the only problem with nikah kat masjid is if the ladies were to have their period, they might not be able to enter the premises. What if I’m also having it during that period? (haha, rosak first night). Tak boleh kahwin keeee (okay, why am I getting bimbotic by the moment). But some even say it won’t affect or anything. Haiya, back to research lor…


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