our type of conversation.

Yesterday, I just removed some damn screw which was implanted inside my gum for braces purpose. It’s weird that I didn’t even know it was implanted in until I saw the x-ray of my mouth. The shock of my life. But ohwells, the doctor thought it was funny coz he gave me that screw as a souvenir.

Yeap, I go around showing people that screw and made them disgusted. I told the man bout it as well. I was damn excited coz once they’ve taken out the screw, just left a few more weeks till I remove my braces 😀 And then suddenly, I was talking about our anniversary.

Me: B, I bought a lil something for you for our anniversary tau.

Him: I don’t want your screw.

Me: Wth. Hahaha. Didn’t even think about that. But thanks for the idea! No, really, am I getting anything?.. *cheeky smile*

Him: You get someone.

Me: No, I don’t want you.

Haha. Over the 6 years I think I sound/got influenced by him. He can get very lame/annoying/klakar jgak la/a bit sweet/get on your nerves/loyar buruk and whats not. It’s funny coz I don’t remember any of our conversations being cheesy/romantic giler kind. That’s just how we roll baby ~

Hah. I love you lah.


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