Cool wedding pictures

Haish..kept enquiring the photography vendors on their quotation for 2015 and they said it’s not out yet. Am I kanchiong or what? But it’s the first month of 2015..I’m just afraid there’s not enough time. I don’t know why I stressing out about time and money when it’s like 1.5 more years to go? 1.5 years very fast lehh.. Like I’ve said, I wanna settle the bookings as soon as possible so that we know the amount we have to save or set aside.

These past few days, I had a good talk with the fiance. I just realized it’s been ages since we talked on the phone. Our usual night conversation will be like..

“Da makan?”, “Nga buat ape?”, “Erm, k lah.. I nak tidur”.

But I think because I had so many things on my mind, I talked a lot and he’s there for me. Aww, thanks b 🙂 Anyway, hoping to settle the photography, venue, wedding days etc by this  month. Came across these wedding photos at yahoo! So cool~



Haha, epic much!



Tried doing this with the girls but failed cause we’re using phone camera -.- But it’s funnn laa~






Bitch please~!




This is a nice shot of the bride with the guys 🙂 Image

This is just too cute XD

Credits: Cool Wedding Pictures

Good ideas for photoshoot!



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