So, it’s settled then.

So, I did mention beforehand on my concern whether or not I should nikah the night before or on the same day as my sanding. I wanted more time for phototaking during nikah and I was afraid that we’ll be rushing if we were to make on the same day. Pros and cons of having 1 day wedding only.


– Save cost obviously. Anything that can save cost, might as well go ahead. Important factor in planning a wedding! We would cut down as much as 2-3k (maybe) if we were to make it 1 day only. The cost of food and booking of venue are quite expensive you know.


– Rushing for time? Will I have enough time to change? Nikah pagi, sanding around 2pm and last outfit at 4pm? Lucky only 3 outfits and not 4! @.@ I hate changing into a lot outfits. Anyway, I have questions whether or not every outfit change, will the make up change as well? And how long does it take to change into a new outfit in between the interval? Hmm..

Then, last Saturday, asked the man, let’s call him A instead, to come down and discuss. It’s our free period (school’s out btw!) and we should make full use of it! He’s okay go with 2 days and we calculated it reached almost 4k plus just for venue itself. I was fine at that moment. We even did a bit of research for nikah kat masjid. Youtubed about what if the bride’s having period on that day etc. So, it turns out..nikah only involved the guys, wali, bapa pengantin, pengantin lelaki and saksi? (pardon me, im not sure about this but I know it’s all the important main men involved and my malay sucks anw). Therefore, the bride need not be there and so on and fourth. I mean okay, ikut agama it’s like that. But I guess we can’t help it but to follow the trend of having everyone to present, witness the beautiful moment, take pictures and whats not. So nikah kat masjid, sadly, not possible.

Luckily, I managed to consult my dad on this matter. Although it leads to a sad sappy lessons learnt, it suddenly occur to me. What’s the point of spending so much for a mere 2 hours? Nikah won’t take the whole day anyway. Sanding, what will you do for 2 hours? Take pictures, eat and what?.. I mean it made sense when he talked that way. Therefore, to conclude, there’s enough time afterall! Need to draft out the itinerary for that day and keep it on schedule. Maid of honor & bridesmaids, thank youuu in advance. You know what to do 🙂

I guess, bottomline, we are having a 1 day wedding only. I need to stick to my decisions and stop changing my mind every now and then 😦 This Thursday, going to meet my main vendor (decor/bridal/photography) to settle on the change of photography and maybe clear our doubts on that day also. I’m pretty much nervous and even prepared a list of questions. Once that’s done, I was hoping to settle the booking of our videographer/photographer (see how it goes on Thursday). 1 vendor already opened for booking but I’m waiting for the release of quotation for the other 2 vendors so that I can do some comparison. But they still haven’t release the quotation for 2015. I mean seriously? 😦 It’s about 1.5 years more to go sey. Maybe, or just maybe, I should book it in Dec. Hoping for some promotions going on? 😀

Or maybe I just need to chill.


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