Outdoor Photoshoot

1 thing I’m excited about our wedding is our outdoor photoshoot! 😀 I know we’ve made the right decision. I guess the bad thing about us is we don’t have any preference or exposure to these kahwin kahwin stuffs. Therefore, whatever caught our eye, within budget, reasonable and good, we’ll take it. I know..that’s when regret comes in the later part. But alhamdullillah..almost all the vendors I’ve booked I’m happy with, especially my outdoor photoshoot vendor! Hehe..

Initially, I was planning to have our outdoor photoshoot at Ngee Ann poly since we both met there and spent a lot of time there. That’s where all the love began. Haha. We were planning to book it in the latter date as we did not have any vendor in mind. But then, one day, I was chatting with one of my twitter friends and we were sharing which vendor we’ve booked etc. I did have the intention to do it across the border; Malaysia, since I saw one of my colleagues took it and the places are gorgeous much but have no idea of any known and trusted vendors. So, she recommended me ‘Esa Wedding’ and boy, I was sold the moment I saw their photos. Love love LOVE their outfits, photos, editing, places they took are just awesome! Kk, maintain excitement. So I told A about it..he was not as excited as I was (durh -.-) but I told him I die die want to book them asap.

Contacted them and they said that they were having an exhibition on a certain date. We went down and booked it on the spot. Their package price were very reasonable and I doubt I can get it in SG with that cost. Did I mention their outfits were sooo prettaayyy too?


Their latest photo which I fell in love with.


Lovee the color of the dress. Photographer is good at capturing moments as well as the surroundings 🙂


That green color is to die for can?! Imma green freak, so pardon me. Simply gorgeous!


Of course there’s more. Photo credits to: EsaWedding JohorBahru

Or you can go to the main website: Esa Wedding

We chose 4 outfits, 1 outdoor and the rest indoor at their main place. Most of the pictures taken were pretty and I didn’t even know that they took it at the main place. Photographer definitely know how to play around with the surroundings. One of pictures I saw in the album..so pretty..but it’s tepi longkang at the main place. Boy, deceiving or what. Whatever it is, they managed to make the best out of a simple place. Oh, did I mention their make up artist is a chinese? I loveee chinese make up artist as the outcome is more natural as compared to the cakey malay make up artist. I know, cannot be helped. But I would certainly choose something more natural and pretty for outdoor photoshoot. You’ll be sweating around man.

So yeah, we’ll be going for the photoshoot mid next year. Can’t wait to select our outfits either! 😀


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