All is well.

Harlooooo~! I’m so happy goober right now 😀 First of all coz it’s Friday, second of all, yesterday I’ve met up with my vendor and settled on our new agreement! Weeeee~ Now I feel at ease. Last of all, my exam results are out and alhamdullillah, I’ve passed all with flying colors. A also passed his exams and improved a lot. I’m so proud of him coz he’s so laid back, chill, cannot be bothered with the confident he’ll fail one. Skali, he passed with flying colors also. Alhamdullilah, amin 🙂

It was the first time we went down to our vendor’s main office. Boy, was I nervous. I’m easily awkward type of girl but I think I handled it quite good. With my notepad and pen all ready. Lol. Told them we want to cancel our photographer and they said okay. As easy as that! I was already prepared to lay out the reasons why I wanted to do so and if cannot, perhaps we will take other things to cover up the cost etc. A told me that there’ll be penalty charge. But thank god takde! Ishk, buat suspense aje -.- We told them that we wanted to change the big arch in the middle to a center thrust. Overall price still remain the same. At the rate we are paying, by 2014, we can finish our payment (of course la, we won’t pay full before the event itself. Just to be secured.)

Did I mention my parents were against pak andam? Because tak manis la lelaki make up/touch you before your husband does etc.. My 2nd sister wanted to have a pak andam but was denied. Lol. Last Saturday, we talked to my dad and brought up the part naturally that my mak andam gonna be a pak andam. He just acknowledged it and said nothing. Hurhur. So I told A if he minds coz I really want mine to be a pak andam (Something about pak andam, their touch are just so different from the female. Plus, I’ve seen his work and admired it 🙂 ) Turns out A don’t mind at all. Hehs. So right on the spot, I told my vendor that I wanna change to pak andam and requested for him, himself, to doll up my face. Although there’s a premium charge, I was ever so willing to pay them on the spot just to book him for 2015. Hahaha! Best yer! (K, excited sorang) I mean why not. Pak andam only touches your face only what. Not directly; in between there’ll be sponges and brushes what. Haha. Plus, wearing the outfit and for holding the kipas, it will be his female assistant. So yeah, no biggie. Plus, I’ve seen all those malaysian artist who got married..theirs were all pak andam lorr. So there it is! Bridal settled. Decor settled. Alhamdullilah.

Told A that I’m still waiting for Bliss PhotoCinema to release their quotation for 2015. I wanna engage both photographer and videographer from the same vendor. The only ones I know of is D’shootz and Bliss PhotoCinema. Maybe there’s others that I’ve yet to know of. I just want to compare their prices and what they can offer to us before I make the final decision. D’shootz has released theirs but Bliss PhotoCinema will only release end of year? End of year usually got promotion kan? (Haha, sembarang aje!) So, we’ll just have to wait till then. As of now, I think we’re good?  We can just lay back and chill 🙂


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