Photography + Videography

So, previously, I was overjoyed that we can engage another photography vendor. I had the intention of taking both photography and videography from the same vendor. I was eyeing D’Shootz Studio Photography for the longest πŸ™‚ Plus, they were having this Mumbo Jumbo Package.


docone filemotwo

Photos taken from: D’Shootz Studio Photography Facebook

The Mumbo Jumbo consists of the combination of DocuOne + FilemoTwo. So tempting kan! I did enquire them early March or April but they said it’s too early to book. Okay, I chill. See this offer, I also chill one corner. I mean they are offering both photography and videography at such..a REASONABLE RATE OKAY! It’s such a good/cost-saving offer that’s not to be missed. So, I told A bout the dilemma I’m facing. I asked if I should wait till end of year (where perhaps, there’s lotsa good offer waiting?) and also by then, most vendors will release their quotation for 2015. My other comparison was Bliss PhotoCinema. I don’t know what’s their rates gonna be like.. I stumbled across one BTB’s blog and she shared with the readers on Diziq Vidz Motion’s quotation for 2014. Prices will keep increasing for sure. And too bad, it’s way beyond my budget 😦 I know with quality comes with great price. However, we can still source out to get both at its best right? (Good quality + Good price. That’s a good catch there!) Then, I decided, “Okay lah..just wait till end of year.”

Anyway, just now at work, I was browsing through facebook and D’shootz were calling out their last shot. Their promo will end till end of June, which is like few more days to go.. Anndddd, yesterday at night, I received a quotation from Bliss PhotoCinema. Their response made me happy for a while. They said that they will be offering their 2013/2014 price list to 2015’s clients who booked before 9th July. Made me jump for joy! But when I looked at the price list..sadly, it’s beyond our budget as well. So, I know we were down to one; D’Shootz baby! πŸ™‚ Immediately I called A (who were about to sleep already). He said okay and told me to enquire tomorrow. Alah, kalau tak suruh pon, I’ll do it since I’m that kiasu. Hurhur! (These are not the signs of Bridezilla kan!!)

The next day, I msged Fudge. Was actually looking forward to work with her coz most of the posts were made by her and I’ve seen most of her works. Too bad that she won’t be around in 2015. Aww, damn. But fret not! There’s Airon. I msged Airon and asked her/him bout the payment terms first. I was fine by it and will fix an appointment with her/him tomorrow! Before we catch the movie ‘Pee Mak’ that is. Hehehe.

Omg, I’m excited. Hopefully everything goes smoothly, Amin. Padahal baru booking of photography and videography. Blm nikah lagi. Haha, drama much. Okay bye!


2 thoughts on “Photography + Videography

  1. Hey, happened to come across your blog πŸ™‚ I am taking D’shootz for my wedding video next year. So far, I’ve only heard good stuff about them and they are so responsive and attentive to their clients. Hope all will turn up well for our videos with Dshootz!

    • Hi there! Yeah, I met Airon personally and it’s really comfortable talking to her on what’s my concept. She’s so outgoing and always giving us useful suggestions for us to ponder. I like both their photo outcome and videos as well πŸ™‚ I mean with my limited budget, I think I’m getting a lot (not forgetting good quality) out of D’Shootz.

      Hope it goes well with your wedding next year!

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