2 down!

In my previous post, I wrote that I will be meeting Airon to discuss on the package. So, we finally met up with Airon. We were on the way to Bugis and I asked A..

Me: B, what should we ask this Airon?..Wait, is Airon a female or male eh? Omg, how are we suppose to spot him/her when we arrived at the meeting place?

A: Alahh, there’s such thing as asking what. I think its male leh..Name penuh dier Hairon kot?

Me: Okayy..we shall see. So do you have a list of questions to ask Airon about the package?

A: Tanye dier pakai camera ape! Mane I tauuu kan

Haha! Kurang ajar. I think I irritated and bombarded him with all these questions while he was driving at peak hours. Lol. Anywayy, turns out Airon is a female! Hurhur. She’s so outgoing and very informative. She kept filling us in with all the important details we need to know. Thank god I was comfortable. Asked her a lot of questions too 🙂 Clear my doubts, saw the sample album and video and we had more understanding on what we are signing up for. Oh, towards the end, I was shy about asking whether we can do the lip synching to a song for the video as A opposed to it in the first place. But he was like being the cool guy and said “Anything for you” that kind of gesture. Awwwww….! Lol. But too bad, she said that they don’t do musical. Only CST does that. I mean I think it’s their signature I understand why D’Shootz do not do it 🙂 That means we have to come up with other fun ideas! I want my video kahwin to be fun and enjoyablee can? 😀 Will do the brainstorm later with bestiee 😀

In the meantime, alhamdullillah coz we managed to seal the deal with D’Shootz! I was told that for 2015, they open only 1 slot per week for the time being. And with our date, they already had all the weekend for Jan fully booked. That shows I’m not the only kiasu one! Haha. But fret not, I’m sure they will open up another slot for each week as the time approach 🙂

So, we can chill back. The important ones are all booked. Left with things like wedding favours, barang dulang, invitation cards, sirih junjung, wedding course, wedding cake, bedroom set..and that’s all? Woahh! That’s to be settled in 2014. Not bad *pat of self shoulders* End of the year shall enquire about the booking of venue again and perhaps, buy our wedding bands.

Happy working! It’s back to school~ @.@


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