Of random conversation.

While watching ‘Clash of the Titans’ yesterday on channel 5..

Me: I’m so confused with all the titans movies! This one is almost similar to Percy Jackson yer movie sey. 

Him: What’s the sequel to this movie? Revenge of the titans?

Me: Erm..it doesn’t sound right. Is it rise of the titans?

Him: Well, whatever it is..they are releasing the 3rd sequel.

Me: *feeling very annoyed* Omg, seriously? What’s the title? What is it going to be about now? Pfftt

Him: Teen titans *saying this with a straight face*

Me: *about to complain when I realised his answer* WTF b! *burst out laughing* Merepekkkkkkk sakkkkk!

Him: Haha. Maybe it all started with TITANic, then its clash of the TITANs, followed by wrath of the TITANs and finally teen TITANs. Then for all the movies, the theme song TITANium.


Him: Jap…okay da tkleh pikir lagi.

How can I not love him? Apart from the fact that he came by my house on Sunday night bringing 3 different type of cakes; Red velvet cake, chocolate molten cake & chocolate cake from Coffee Bean when I told him I feel like eating dessert cake. <3<3<3 Okay, da pass jadi suami for a pregnant wife 😀 Hurhurhur..


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