There’s so many things on my mind right now. School just started yesterday and it felt good. Alhamdullilah 🙂

Anyhoos, there’s nothing much to do for my wedding as of now. Planning to buy our wedding bands end of this year. Maybe tinggal settle barang dulangs, book venue, invitation card, sirih dara/sirih junjung (i still don’t know what’s the difference) , bedroom set, book honeymoon? Oh yeah! Have to meet our caterer by end of this year (this thing standard one, my parents settle before our approval. but since he’s forking out majority of the amount, i shut up and follow aje la. hehehe)

For our wedding bands, I originally wanted to have Bvlgari but A said it’s too expensive 😦 So, we decided on Tiffany and Co. (IKR! What’s the different?!) Then I was talking to my btb friend who’s getting married end of Aug. She said Tiffany and Co. and Bvlgari price range was about the same -.- I was like whuuuttt. I have not gone for surveying (is it just me or what that I feel so intimidated to enter these shops to just ask for the price) because A and me have not gone out/stepped into town for the longest! He will say that it’s too difficult to find a parking slot, so expensive, so crowded la etc. Haish. Gonna drag him to town sooner or later. We need to survey first before buying! I don’t want to buy it on the spot (I got a strong feeling I will end up buying on the spot though @.@). My cincin tunang is in gold color and I wonder if I should get silver/gold for my wedding band. Is it supposed to be worn together? Hmm.. My ideal wedding band will be simple yet elegant, comfortable and must be suitable with my fingers (durhh). To think back, I don’t think I’m all fussy with the exact type I wish to have. Ohwells.




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