Fat cycle

Him: Are you having your period?

Me: Err..no. Not anytime soon. Why?

Him: You looked slightly fat in some areas (obviously we all know it’s the boobs and stomach)

Me: Ouh, I’ve been eating a lot these past few days. I don’t know why I’m always hungry!

Him: Yessah! I’m gonna be thin soon.


Me: -__________-

I noticed that in our relationship, there’s always a phase whereby one will be thin, another one will be fat. Most of the times, I will be the thin one and him the fat one. Okay lah, not fat. He would refer himself as fluffy instead. Hah! Perasan! I tell you when they say love is blind, it really is. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing…it’s good because I see past through his appearance and focus on his heart instead. Ewahh.. I’m not saying he is ugly or what. He’s rather cute and boyish in my eyes. Okay lah, enough of praising my own fiance.

So back to the story. When I first met him, he was quite big. He had shoulder length hair which he claimed that every guy will go through that phase before entering NS. At that time, I also had the same length of hair. So from the back, we almost look the same because of the hair -.-

//Sidetrack, did I mention my father thought he was a girl when he discovered me and him talking at the staircase? Haha! My father was strict and that was the first time kene ‘tangkap’. I was all prepared to get scoldings but alek, tkde pape. Nasibbbb.

Anyway, moving on. After poly, he had to enter NS Army. Ohmahgod. He lost a lot of weight, what’s with the tan, shaved head and all. Looked extremely good in uniform. Yummeh 🙂 That was the first time and I guess the only time, I see him as thin. After POP, he got transferred to officer in Police. He managed to maintain the weight slightly..but right after that, he soon started to gain weight. As for now, I think he’s in the 2nd fattest phase. Lol. He did tell me he will shed it off for the wedding. We have to look good in wedding photos right? And hopefully I will gain some weight so I will look nicer in my wedding outfits (Yes, I’m that person who eats a lot but never gain weight. Despise me all you want.)

As what he said, “You ade menstrual cycle, I pon ade fat cycle”. Hehs. Yelahhh b.


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