Messy me.

//Tsk, I actually save a draft on 8 Aug and one month later aru nak publish. Haha..sah prangai malas.

This preparation for audit is taking a toll out of me. I’m bloody hell tired and zombified. Nvm, today is Fridayy! I can’t believe I survived this whole weekend despite feeling so lethargic each day. My daily routine will be like..

Wake up at 5.30am -> Go to work -> End work at 4pm, go home -> Reach home at 5pm -> Power nap at least for half an hour -> Go to school or have tuition. 

Penat oi. Haish..Anyway, wedding preparation is on hold as for now. I think we will continue after our exam ends in Nov. Woah, like that approximately 1 year to go sey :/ How time flies! I told A that I don’t want to do the planning and I want him to do it instead. He’s surprising quite good at planning AND executing it whereas, I’m not good at executing it AND I only have the blur vision of how I want it to be done. A and my bestie both somehow share the same qualities in events management thingy. Good leadership while I’m just a follower. Haha.

Now, all I’m thinking is which color I should choose for my wedding decoration. I felt like this will impact the whole package like my outfit color, dulangs color and others la (sorry otak jam).

Currently, on top of the list are:

1) Peach Coral and teal or mint green/Emerald

peach coral and blue

emerald and peach

2) Pink and Grey (I’m not a pink person..but this combination just blow me off)

grey and pink

3) White and Lime Green (people would know me as someone who lovess green!)

lime green

4) Teal and Red (this color combination can be quite sexyyyy. but need to limit the amount of bright red color..too much, might not turn out great)

teal and red

5) Mint and Gold

mint and gold

Picture credits: Pinterest

Ahh, lovingg the color combination. Very soft colors matched together 🙂 Hopefully, my vendor can provide these colors..or else..kene top up eh? Haven’t enquire that part. Another woes I’m facing is which design should I make my baju to be placed on dulang? Kain, color etc. I know it’s not THAT important..but it will be my first raya outfit with A as halal couple and it’s the easiest item to be marked off the list. I saw this designer from KL and I’m in loveeeee! But the thing is..sape sak nak layan g KL just to make the outfit? Hmm..not even baju kahwin pon. Baju raya 2015. Hurhur. Mampos confirm kene marah ngn A -.-

Speaking of which, Malaysian Ringgit are quite lowww now. And I’m thinking of changing it for benefits. My outdoor photoshoot will be next year and we are left with 1k plus RM? Can keep the moneyy what right to pay next year. Still consideringgg!

Haiya, I’m all over. Suke eh jump jump topic!


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