holiday. to go or not to go…

So yesterday, we had our usual meetup ever since one of my girlfriends got married on 31 Aug. Usually we’ll do the usual updates over teh-o/prata/maggi goreng. Ikr, very typical. Lol. It was fun until the 3 girls kept talking about Phuket. Ohmahgawd! I’m dying for a holiday but because of budget constraints, I  kinda limit myself. The gfs are not helping at all and kept persuading me to go je. Haish… and since they need confirmation asap, I just told them to go ahead (meaning high chances I won’t be going at all la..) When I came home, I told A about it. If I intend to go, my budget will be very tight. Most probably I go lepak at the beaches, eat maggi mee for the whole trip, swim, tanning (okay, ni tak perlu since I’m quite tan already -.-) etc. He said, “Up to you”. As I see it, he’s giving me the green light! Whoopeedoo~!

However, despite the ‘Green Light’, I’m still considering the pros and cons.


– Get to go last holiday with all girls! After this, I will have to bring my husband alonggg. It doesn’t feels right when not all my friends are attach (oh tak eh?).

– Destress after exams! (my last paper ends 19 Nov)

– Never been there before! Can enjoy the beaches!

& the list goes on..


– Money.

You see, even though there’re more pros than cons, the money issue still kinda pull everything down together. Meh :/ Ohwells, whatever it is, I hope I make a wise decision out of this. Oh Phuket!


images (1)

phi phi

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images (3)



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Bungee jom?


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