i love you. you love me more?

My mum said, “If you want to get married, find a guy who loves you more than you love him”. 

I guess its true. Generally male tends to stray more than female, no? But how do you measure the amount of love who loves who more? Only the heart knows the answer I assume. I always envy my parents love for each other and how I wish I will grow old like that one day. My dad don’t really express his feelings that much but he loves to joke around with our family. He can be quite egoistic (don’t deny it men) but he’s loving and caring as well. He never think twice about giving money to us whenever we are in need of help. He always wants the best for his family. Just recently, both my parents (they are in their mid 50s) bragged to me that they watched ‘Riddick’ in cinema at JB. How cute was that! Mum told me that my dad bought the couple seat, got the big popcorn combo..hugged her because it was cold. Awww… too sweet lah.

I told myself that I will try to be a good wife when my turn comes. I will cook for my beloved husband and sit there watching him eat after he came back from work. I will not raise my voice at him when I get irritated at him. I will (In Sya Allah) pray together with him, my imam and the list goes on. This , however, have to be reciprocated by him of course. Hehs. They say ‘It takes 2 hands to clap’. It applies to marriage as well. Both play an important role in making a good/happy marriage 🙂 Never kill that spark.

I was testing A on who loves who more. I guess below says it all. Haha. 



p.s Sorry we are never the mushy lovey dovey couple. This is how we roll baby. Hahaha~


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