oh hey brain.

Definition of An Introvert: Contrary to what most people think, an introvert is not simply a person who is shy. In fact, being shy has little to do with being an introvert! Shyness has an element of apprehension, nervousness and anxiety, and while an introvert may also be shy, introversion itself is not shyness. Basically, an introvert is a person who is energized by being alone and whose energy is drained by being around other people.

Introverts are more concerned with the inner world of the mind. They enjoy thinking, exploring their thoughts and feelings. They often avoid social situations because being around people drains their energy. This is true even if they have good social skills. After being with people for any length of time, such as at a party, they need time alone to “recharge.”

When introverts want to be alone, it is not, by itself, a sign of depression. It means that they either need to regain their energy from being around people or that they simply want the time to be with their own thoughts. Being with people, even people they like and are comfortable with, can prevent them from their desire to be quietly introspective.

Being introspective, though, does not mean that an introvert never has conversations. However, those conversations are generally about ideas and concepts, not about what they consider the trivial matters of social small talk.

Introverts make up about 60% of the gifted population but only about 25-40% of the general

Wedding planning aside.  I can’t stop thinking. Think, think think. I know it’s suppose to be a good thing because once you stopped thinking, means you’re dead. But thinking about random stuffs such as one minute I’ll be thinking of things to do, next I’m planning for my wedding, next I worry about deadline..and most of the times, I alwayyysss think of any possibilities that will and will not happen. More like doing predictions. Somehow I hate it because it gives myself a false hope but I can’t seem to control my train of thoughts. Why can’t I take things one at a time?

That’s why when it comes to planning, I’m not really good at it coz I got ideas but it’s all over my mind. I can’t seem to focus on one and elaborate. I only got a rough idea of it and don’t know how to elaborate. In short, I’m not good at expressing myself. That explains why I’m not good in language be it both English and Malay (more to average only la).

I need to step up my game. Take control F! Let’s see this as a blessing in disguise instead F.. turn it into something positive. In Sya Allah..



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