I was pretty much devastated when I missed the Bukit Batok BTO, Sky Peak. I remembered telling A, “Eee, don’t want ulu!”..but every time A sends me back home from school, we always past by this BTO. It’s convenient can?! So near my house sumore, near Westmall, school and everything else. I kind of regretted of not bidding it and had always look up the HDB site for the balance flat sale. 

And thank god, yesterday when I checked the website, I was overjoyed! 




I was so afraid that they might not have any BTO in the west side (esp Bukit Batok area) anymoree. I think I’m going to just bid for it. Kalau ade rezeki, alhamdullilah 🙂 A actually suggested we stay at my parents house for 5 years, save up and buy EC instead. Woah, I would love to stay at EC..but the thought of 5 to be independent like that? No privacy some more. *Ehem* Checked the Jurong West’s map and it’s actually the one opposite JJC. I used to stay there when I was little. It can be quite eerie and quiet that area. So nahh.. I’ve always been a west-sider person (peace yaw). I shall be kiasu and bid when the clock strike 12am 1 Nov. Hahahaha! Prangai buruk sakk. Or I can ask A to do it since he’s having quite a luxury time of his life while doing reservist. Baru nak emo kejap biler dier kate reservist for 3 weeks..sekali tak jadi because I can see him anytime I want! I should be thankful at least..

Okay bye!


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