wedding cakes.

So many things happening but I’ve yet to update anything. There’s my bestgirl’s wedding, her hen’s night party (da 2 bulan kahwin eh -.-), my cousin engagement, school, life and what’s not. Haish.. I’m actually contemplating to just post my pictures since there’s no one reading my blog. Being anonymous is fun but I doubt there’s an audience. Lol. Even my bestie forgot my link. This blog will serve as my wedding updates as well as my daily rants (if needed).

I’m on 2 days MC. Long weekend sey! From the weekend to Tuesday. What did I do? Rushing for assignments. Seriously, taking 6 modules for half a year is no joke. I’ve a total of 10 discussion board to do, 2 TMAs (essay based) and my weekly maths quiz. Gotta hang in there F!

In between my DB and my korean dramas, I managed to surf the net. Saw Jentayu Gallery posted this gorgeous looking cake from Momentous Cakes. 

Photo credits to: Momentous Cakes Fb


Cantik kannn!! The details, soft colours of the flowers.. I like! Immediately asked A about it but he said too flowery. I kinda agree with him on that part. Maybe we can try to reduce the flowers part? 🙂


I like the initials of the couple on the cake. Ours will be A+F! Omo, excited kejap tgk cake cake ni sume. Whatever it is, we’ll put that on hold for a while. After our exams in Nov and once I’m back from Phukey Phuket (yeah baby, I’m going for a short getaway with my girlfriends right after my exams!!), we’ll probably start striking off the list of things to do for wedding. Over the weekend, I kinda stalked the FN wedding at instagram. I mean what’s not to loveeee about the wedding? The couple are just so beautiful and compatible. I don’t look so much on the guy (am I weird or what?) but the girl is so damn sweet kan? She’s just stunning in every outfit by Fatimah Mohsin. I like her simplicity yet elegant and classy look donned on her. I’m not some kind of expert but I really really like their wedding 🙂

Anyway, years ago, I’m a 9gag freak. I came across this cake and said to A that one day it’s going to be our cake. Hahaha! It’s a trap A and you cannot run away! *cue evil laughter*



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