of hashtag (tak perlu problems)

I woke up from sleep with my ears being blocked. It’s so annoying can! I tried to put pressure on the middle of the ear, hoping to hear the ‘pop’ clear sound..but nothing leh šŸ˜¦ It’s getting sore from pressing too much/many times.

Anywayyy, the last time I met my bestie, aka my MOH, we were talking about relationship problems..not so much of mine and a bit of wedding talks. So she said that she had came up with their hashtags already. I mean like ‘Whuuuuttt’! She’s not engaged nor getting to marry any sooner (maybe a year after mine lah šŸ˜‰ ). Then, it suddenly struck me..I haven’t come up with any hashtag for me and A. I know it’s too soon to tell..and this should be the LEAST worrying part of the wedding. Since we aren’t doing any major planning for wedding yet (after our exams in Nov then we go all out), maybe just try to come up with the possible hashtags.

I want to have a combinations of our initials; A&F. When I checked Instagram whether there’s any post of the following #, I’m shocked! Most of the goods one are taken. Mehhh :/ That’s just show how common our names are, or rather our initials.

Of those taken:

#AandF (taken)

#AplusF (taken)

#A&F/ #A+F/ #AxF (AxF is a brand name..and the other two cannot coz # cannot have signs)



Then, we had to resort to our names…




& macam-macam lagi la! Sume taken šŸ˜¦


But at last, we found some non-taken ones šŸ™‚

a) #azmifarahbigday (this is totally clean, I just found out just now!)

b) #afweds (ade 1 post actually..but its a picture of some chicken bones on a plate. lol?)

So, which one should it be? A or B?


5 thoughts on “of hashtag (tak perlu problems)

      • it’s my pleasure! will look forward to see more updates from you, though not so soon right since you’ll be having exams? I’ll be having mine in two weeks time so sama lah kita… mugging period has started zzzzz… and CHOP THE HASHTAG first! hahahaha

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