caterer and berkat issues.

So many things happening..firstly, we just found out that our chosen caterer (family connections) does not cook at CC. Like @#$^%. He has his own reasons..but to each its own lah eh. I’m just bummed that he cannot cook for us coz he really is generous with his food portions. Ohwells, gotta move on.

Then I asked my senior for her caterer’s contact. I’m not so fussy over food during wedding but after eating the GOOD AND AWESOME food from her wedding, my perception changed. SEDAP giler can?! I got the contacts..and coincidentally, my mum got the same caterer through connections as well (my parents networking connections very good!). It was from Anis & Din. But when mum enquired on the date availability, they were fully booked! Haiz…They are available 2 weeks before my wedding. 2015 lehh, da fully booked eh for the first month. Mum even talked to me into changing my wedding date just to suit the availability of the caterer. As much as I would love to, I had quite a few settled already. Changing the date all over again can be quite a hassle. I think this time I had changed for like 2-3 times already. Meh :/

Since my mum’s networking is good, she got another recommendation from her friend. This time it was from MJ catering. They invited us for food tasting next weekend. I hoped it will be good *cross-fingers* I’ve never heard of let’s hope for the best la eh.

Caterer problem one side. So on that night, I talked about berkat with my parents. Initially, we wanted to have redondo (I know very typical but tak kesahh laa. lol). But recently, I changed my mind and thought of giving a hand fan. Not the plastic kind..but more like the indonesian-wooden kind fan. So nice, then the pattern dier batik2 kind! And we can add our initials on the wooden hand-fan; A&F 😀 Whenever my bestie go overseas, she will always bring hand-fan as our souvenir. Recently, she got us a hand fan from indonesia. So big and efficient lor especially during wedding as the weather can get so hot sometimes. So that was my intention. My parents on the other hand, completely rejected my idea before hearing me out. They insisted on giving a bath towel! Just because my sister’s mother in-law suggested it randomly during our visit to their house. Like who is she to determine my berkat kan. Maybe it was my wrong choice of words to put it..but my dad was unhappy with me. His last sentence was, “Kalau kau pikir kau betul, tak payah involve mak bapak dlm planning kau.” Haiz, ape lagi..I was so angry that I stormed into my room crying so hard. Haish, drama betul! Byk cobaan.. well, up till now, I still have not talk to my dad. We are both quite strong headed and refuse to back down. So selamat ar. I know this is bad..but I hope things will be resolved soon.

Just now, my mum went for wedding and received a berkat. What a perfect combination! Redondo and hand-fan in a bag. Puas hati sey! Gave me an idea immediately. Told A about it and he joked to have a bath towel together with the hand fan. Kirekan best of both worlds la..both me and my parents suggestion implemented. Hah, tak klakar eh. Bath towel sey! So big and bulky..don’t want la!


Not bad kan?! They also had their names on the fan. Haiz, hoped this matter get resolves soon…


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