Combined wedding is never easy. I just realized that! Be it with the no. of pax we want to invite, catering, berkat and whats not..so many differences. I don’t want it to end up us doing separately sey. Haiz..

In my previous post, I mentioned that we gonna have some food tasting from MJ catering right? Yeap, today is the day! Paisey eh crash wedding org (well, not technically coz apparently it’s some kenalan from my parents. the only thing is we weren’t directly invited by them! lol). So my parents & A’s came down to meet up with the vendor. He’s very nice and humble. Tried the food and omgahhh, I lurveeee it! *step american accent*. It’s about the same standard as Anis & Din. Semua terase sey! My favourite got to be Ayam masak merah dier. Superb! Sambal goreng pengantin, rendang daging (super tender can?!), sweet and sour fish (the sauce was perfect!)..well, almost all the dishes I like! Nak aje cakap, “PAKCIK! SAYA NAK BOOK CATERER PAKCIK SKRG JGAK!” But bler tgh makan tu, maintain sikit ar. My parents did the talking and asking him with the necessary questions. You know most caterer’s style is to brag their masakan and all..and when they state the price, they will be like “if you don’t take this, the price might go up etc etc”. Which was what brought up by him and I got to agree. Esp in EXPO. Stress tahap maksima pls. Only got to know that the next next EXPO, there’s another better offer. Haiz, kena cheated. He was so understanding and did not even pressure us to choose him. He just state his beliefs and what he aim to achieve. So..both our parents love it. We have not discussed on the price yet coz his strategy is different. He even gave us the breakdown of the cost; the price will be based on the cost of ingredients, manpower and with a few percentage of profits. Can tell la org dier betul2 ikhlas and jujur (In Syaa Allah betul la ye). He kept advising us and gave his opinions on a few things..senang kate, boleh bwk berunding la 🙂

A kept saying that ayam masak merah dier sedap. I agree la. Segalanya sedap! Puas hati. But A insisted to try another caterer; the one who cooked for his side majlis tunang. He claimed that most of his sedare cakap sedap. We haven’t taste it yet..but I abit tawar hati gitu. Like you are making a comparison of 100 pax and 1000 pax cooked food leh.. portions do play a huge part in the taste also! And I didn’t know that caterer that masak besar2 utk majlis kahwin also do for small event (isit just me? ;( ). Haiz, just to make it fair, we have to taste on his choice of caterer. Kalau ikotkan hati, both my parents and I da nak book MJ catering. Da sedap and suke, tak payah la susah2kan diri carik yang lain kan? But since this is a combined wedding, have to take both parties into consideration.

Another issue that came up just now was the no. of pax to invite. We actually agreed to invite a total of 600 pax (meaning 300 pax my side and 300 pax his side) because his side, most of them my parents also kenal (told ya my parents connection..fuuh, kalahkan org famous!). Suddenly, just now his mother asked to invite a total of 1000 pax (half half each). I was like shocked! Reason: A is the first child getting married and byk org la nak invite. In my opinion, kalau kahwin ni, tak payah la nak jemput satu kampong anak pinak dua pupu ape kejadah ni sume. Jemput yang perlu je la..of course, sometimes org leh kecik hati tak jemput or whatsoever..but you cannot please everyone in this world right? Drg bayar ke utk makanan, decor, berkat etc? I know that we should not look into profits for wedding. I’m not but have to realistic la. Yang penting is after kahwin..kalau tak dpt jemput, the least they can do is beri doa utk kebahagian kite and moga kekal hingga jannah, you know that kind? I will be truly grateful. If I were to invite them to my wedding, of course kite kene layan tetamu dengan sempurna..kasi santapan yang sedap etc. Kalau 1000 pax, kedebak kedebuk, kene byr $20k just for makanan sey. WE DONT HAVE THAT MUCH OF A MONEY LA.. Stress aku!

Susah jugak la buat combined wedding ni with so many differences. Buat sendiri mcm lagi senang and bebas agak yer. Maybe ini sume adelah satu cobaan..


6 thoughts on “differences.

  1. My partner and I have that problem. Angan-angan nak buat combined wedding, but kerana kakak beliau takut makanan tak cukup, i.e. invite 500 for his side, tapi 800 datang (because their side faboret invite pakai mulut), nanti sebelum majlis end je, buffet line dah kering kontang. Arghhhh takder orang suruh invite pakai mulut, kalau kad dah leh jalan sendiri kannnn…. Sigh. End up, kena buat separate2. Wedding woes!

    All the best for yours though! 🙂

    • So in the end you are doing separate wedding? Itulah! Stress dibuatyer. Sometimes parents dont understand our constraints..sume nak ikot cakap drg aje. Sumore we intend to do 1 day je (nikah & sanding one go) confirm kecoh yer. As much as i want to do separate now, im already paying off my combined deco. Haiz, npk yer terpaksa bawa berunding psl ni. Hehs, thank q babe!

  2. Totally feel you girl! My wedding was supposed to be 300 each side, ended up with almost 750 each side. It’s a losing battle for us when it comes to the invites. Parents will NEVER get it we are struggling to make it. Senang kata, when we were growing up and was totally financially dependent on them, we overestimated their earning/spending power (they spent on us without really showing us how they struggled to balance out their finances), now for our wedding they do the same. It’s no one’s fault. So do be patient with them, and ALWAYS have a plan B and erm… C & D? Heeh.

    • Hehe..sorry took so long to reply. It’s not my parents yang nak invite byk, it’s his. Lol. Maybe because he’s the first child whereas I’m the last child (my parents kalau boleh wants me to cepat2 kahwin -.-“) But I shall stick strictly to what we’ve planned initially. And yes to Plan B..C&D? Boleh plan wedding lagi satu sey tu! Hahaha

  3. HI you , just came across your blog since mine falls on Jan 2015 (bu not 25 lah)..
    i initially wanted to limit to 500 pax (250 ea side) BUT its not parents issue. Its catering issue. Because usually, they will give a better rate with more guests.
    So now we decide to go for 1000 pax (500 ea). We budget 30K both side for everything inc dulang stuffs. With 1000 guests both side, seems reasonable lah gitu esp the cost on catering.. i tanya afew caterings already for 500 pax prior to setling on 1000 pax. So just fyi only.. i still have yet to book a caterer though. hee

    • Hi there 🙂 Yes! I’ve heard about that..more pax = cheaper. But in my opinion cheaper by per pax but overall cost, the digit still increases. I’ve booked mine already though. Wish you all the best!

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