I’m backkk


So yes, I’m back!! Finally, after 2 weeks of having back to back exam papers, its finally over! My freedom which I had longed for! Hurhur.. The moment they said,”You may leave now”, we went out and my friend gave me m&m chocolates. Aww, so sweet!

//Sidenote: I don’t eat chocolates during exams because it’s been a practice/habit/belief or whatever you called it that chocolates make you stupid? Lol, IKR but I can’t help it but to ‘follow’ the rules. Blame my primary school teachers or myself for religiously following it. I was craving for chocolates like crazy during the mugging period.

And back to the main story. While mugging, I can’t help but to keep thinking of wedding’s preparation! Like photoshoot, my bridesmaid, outfits etc. Instagram has been an awesome platform for me to stalk follow other people’s wedding like kahwin khronicles, a white wedding (I swear I chanced upon it) and one of the lion’s player who got married at Japanese/Chinese Garden. Ohmy, excited yer kahwin! In Dec, I will plan out my idea of the wedding/photoshoot and apape kaitan ngn yer la. For now, I’m looking forward to my Phuket trip tomorrow!! Macam malas gitu nak pack…Oh and weather, pls be niceeee there! 😀

Will post more pictures soon!


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