get it organized.

Now that my exams are over and I’m back from holiday, it’s time to get down to business man. I’ve to plan for my outdoor photoshoot (not at JB one) with my friends and A’s friends (location, theme, outfits etc) ..and I’m even thinking of doing DIY things like bunga rampai, gifts for my bridesmaids 🙂 It has been SOOO LONG since I get my creative juice and art and crafts thingy going on. That’s the problem with science student -.- We abandoned our art/f&n/d&t since Sec 3 onwards and now, we need to apply them in real life! Hopefully all these ideas in my head are not semangat seminit yer case eh. Lol. I need to prioritize on which one should be the things to do first.

Things to do:

1) Buy Wedding Bands!

2) Plan our outdoor photoshoot with friends..

3) Take advantage of Christmas/Year end sales to buy barang-barang for dulang.

4) Food tasting with his choice of caterer before booking the final one.

5) Source out vendors (compare pricing) for other remaining bookings. Need to put up the list here. (Actually I’ve an excel spreadsheet..but kdg2 macam mls nk check and keep track. lol)

Let’s do it F!


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