Will you be my bridesmaid?

To be frank, I don’t even know what’s the job of the bridesmaid. My bestfriend will be my Maid of Honour for sure. I need her by my side! I mean I’m supposed to give out job duties to them but I feel bad to trouble them in the midst of their busy schedule. The only thing I need them to do is to angkat barang dulang on the actual day and transport it back. Hehehe..barang mahal oi. InsyaAllah, we’ll get Bukit Batok CC as our venue which will be like 2-3 minutes drive from my place. Oh, and all must pakai sedondon and dress up nicely to take picture 🙂 I like seeing the brides with their bridesmaids posing crazily for a picture.


I did mention that I want the groom’s men to dress like this


But after thinking back, we shall use this concept for our photoshoot with friends and incorporate baju melayu for our wedding. It’s like sedap mata memandang kalau pakai baju melayu dari pakai shirt with tie, double layers etc. Maybe it’s just my preference 🙂 We’ve not decided on the color yet. This year is definitely the color of tiffany and mint colour. I wonder what will it be for next year. I was actually thinking of aqua and mint green but both colors are quite similar..nanti takde contrast :/ Ohwells, still have yet to decide on that one!

Anyway, while mugging, byk org eh kahwin over at instagram. Kecoh! But I likeee coz sume lawa2 😀 I mainly focus on their bridesmaid and grooms men yer outfit! Lol.

Screenshot_2013-11-17-14-26-30 Screenshot_2013-11-18-09-41-03 Screenshot_2013-11-26-20-34-19

For #fashahkahwin, I personally like their colorful kain! Top all the same but kain lain color. Which gives me the idea of wanting the same thing since we would like to incorporate some superheroes theme in between. #ahmadeewhiteaffair, I love to read her blog too and I chanced upon their hashtag at instagram. So classy and gorgeous can? I suke the masjid where they had their nikah there! Anyway, focusing on their bridesmaid outfit, how did she even come up with the brilliant idea?! Super love the ribbon placed on the shoulder. Unique and tak pena nampak org buat. Really different in a good way! Mcm nak join jadi bridesmaid dier skali semata-mata utk baju dier eh. Hahaha. Oh, not forgetting #kahwinkhronicles! My friend started reading her blog from esqar (yes, I love reading ppl’s blog). I didn’t actually follow her until recently bler nak kahwin ni. Lol! Her blog da macam wikipedia, sume info ade! I may not follow her blog religiously since the planning of her wedding, but I got to applaud to her for planning to such detailed wedding. She got her vision and ideas since beginning and finally, we manage to see it being executed. Woah, best yer. Farnamals, you can become a wedding planner already lah. Cute kan gambar drg ngn bridesmaids and grooms men. I actually want it to be like that. Me no likey gambar lovey dovey sgt. Can get a lil bit boring if too much but we’ll see how la eh. Need I mention how detailed the designs for the outfits? Goes well with the concept of scallops. So cute! And I love both their outfits (bridesmaid) during nikah and dinner.

Which brings me to this question: Where to get inspirations for bridesmaid’s outfit? :/ (outfit sendiri taknak worry, nak worry about outfit bridesmaid dulu eh -.- Baik F!)


A few ideas on how I’m going to ask them to be my bridesmaid. Not that they don’t know already but just to make it official la eh 😉

1) Cake in a jar – simple yet nice! Sume mesti suke yer 😀


2) Read http://mydailywithyou.blogspot.sg/ and saw that she did some DIY stuff for her bridesmaids. Awww..all those hardwork! Power la and it’s a good idea/inspiration for me to do similar like this! 😀

will you be

3) Yes, I found the badges for our bridesmaid and groom men! Ala-ala superheroes/comic stuffs..awesome kan!


Source: Vynella Wedding & Events

Or maybe I will incorporate all into one? Haha, provided I got enough time and money. Omg, a brilliant just came to me! Shall note that down before I forget. It will definitely involve all the pictures above 😉 Can’t do it now nanti basi plak cake in a jar tu. Omo, excited sendiri eh nampak yer. But the question is..when is the appropriate timing to ask your bridesmaid? 1 year to go boleh kan?

Must include in the terms and conditions: Do not bully the bride (oh, my friends just love teasing me)


2 thoughts on “Will you be my bridesmaid?

  1. hi babe! thanks for liking my bridesmaids dress! hehe. anyways, i got my inspiration for my bridesmaids dress from malaysian designer bridal collection but toned it down abit. hope this help! =)

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