Dreamers Soiree

I was scrolling down looking at my instagram when I came across this one gorgeous shot by Nuruddynaf. Just like him, I’m completely sold. Although it looked kinda small but again, sape nak makan cake besar2 with sweet fondant overload? :/ I have seen in such event that the cake was gone wasted.

Anyway, that aside, the one behind this gorgeous cake is none other than fluffbakery! They are known for their light, fluffy and variety of flavours cupcakes. I am ashamed to admit that I’ve yet to taste their cupcakes 😦 Simply because, on weekdays I’ll be working and most of the times, their cupcakes will be sold out by 2-3pm?..and weekends, let’s just say that my plan doesn’t bring me anywhere near their location (mostly golek2 atas katil. lol).




So dreamy..I like!

The moment I wanted to enquire fluffbakery if they still accept order for wedding cakes, they released an announcement saying they won’t be taking any order (macam tau aje..)  because it coincides with their newly open store, due to lack of manpower etc. I mean I totally understand..this is THE FLUFFBAKERY you see. Obviously, they had received an overwhelming response from other btbs. In my head I was like, nvm F, just make do with whatever wedding cakes you can find.

Then, few weeks later, I was in phuket when my friend told me, “Eh farah, fluffbakery is opening a slot for wedding date 2015. Dengan cepat I messaged A to email them asap to RSVP to the event. Hehe..konon yer faster finger first!



I heard this RSVP is exclusive and open to a limited number of people. After a couple of weeks of not receiving any news from them, I was ready to let it go. Da takde rezeki kan.. SEKALI..we received this. OMO EXCITED BANGATS! I hope to get a good deal out of this event 😉 And maybeeeee dapat makan fluffbakery cupcakes skali. Ala-ala kill 2 birds with 1 stone gitu. Lol. Yey! So who’s going? ;D



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