Berkat Outsourcing

I remembered arguing with my parents just for this berkat issues. They had suggested to give bath towel (eeww?!) and I was strongly against it. However, somehow, I did manage to convince the parents to give my choice of berkat which was Redondo and a hand fan 😀 Ouh, did I mention that I want to personalize that hand fan with our initials at the side of the fan as well? You see I had that visual but executing it can be quite a drag (especially outsourcing coz I’m definite not good at it -.-) I was like, “Nvm, we’ll try to look for it at JB (cheaper I assume?)”. I trust my parents will know where to look for because every week they’ll go JB without fail. So, I kinda forget about it.

Today, I was bored at work (trying to look busy), I decided to check out few websites. I know faithfate always buy things at AliExpress. So I checked out that website. Hehe.. They had a few options but still too expensive. I’m even thinking of changing my favours kalau susah sangat.


The candy towel is cute!

Taken from idoido-weddingfavours


Next, my friend recommended me this website which she got from instagram!


They even have quite a range of selection..





Sooo cute kan the polkadot! 


How about these colorful sandalwood fan? It’s selling in set of 10 (As long it’s not the scented one it’s good enough) But still, these are in USD. Plus, I’m buying redondo some more.. While maybe the site is nice for artistic items for my eyes to see see only, I still have not found the ones that meet my budget/requirements. 

As usual, I ended up at KahwinKhronicles‘ Directory list. Huahuahua.. Since I got a lot of time on hand, I scroll down to the berkat section and click each one of the links (ikr). The first one was Berkat Inc. I can get quite impatient (which probably why outsourcing is a drag for me) trying to find the one that I want. You know some website you need to look at every single pictures but ended up, none fits your taste – that kind of scenario I hated the most. However, amazingly, it was the first vendor which sell an affordable handfan! 


So colorful, I like! Plus, they offer a personalized touch by having our names printed on the guard (I almost give up on this personalizing part). Oh, and most importantly, it’s definitely not in paper. It’s in fabric, simple, colorful and comes with organza pouch! Okay2, calm your tits. I’ve yet to explore other options (vendor) to do the comparison and all. But I’m so excited! Got hope at last! It’s not that I’m buying it now.. (it’s still too early eh?) 6 months before the wedding can start buying already kan? 




7 thoughts on “Berkat Outsourcing

  1. 6 months before wedding can definitely start buying babe! esp if there’s packinf and sorting to be done. Better than my parents who are already asking me to look for berkat when it’s still a year away! Haha

    • Haha, alamak teraser. I’m looking for my berkat now and it’s about 1 year away. Lol! My mission is to goyang kaki 1 or 2 months before wedding. And yess, that koyal wholesale got a lot of pretty stuffs there. So tempted to buy from them for the sake of buying.

      • Hahaha tak payah terasa! I pun da start source out. I think its gd to start early and keep options open. For me ive what i want in mind but looking for cheaper alrernatives. Haha. My parents bukan suruh source skarang. Kalau boleh suruh beli terus. Dorang suruh source LAST year and early this year! Haha. But where the hell nak sumbat 1000 berkat for a year kan! Menyemak seh

  2. eh banyaknya typos. delete kan comment above pls. hahahaha.

    EH okay pe tuala, why the hate ni?! hahah tuala boleh lap motor tau youuuu. i can safely say towels are the most lasting favours in my household. lain bend confirm my mom buang or it just gets magically lost somewhere. but fans are nice too! btw, thanks for the koyal webbie, tengah surf surf ni. check check, if really like all the things, dari koyal jadi koyak babe

    • Lol! Tuala mandi mum cakap bagus la kasi tuala mandi nnti org tu mandi teringt Farah&Azmi. Ape kejadah kan mandi nak ingtkan kte?! Hahahaha. Ohwells but all is good now. Yesss, koyal tu byk options eh! I suke tapi haven’t try to purchase YET seram ar. NNTI KOYAK ABES! Hahaha sekali its their typo error in naming the website (see keyboard: k&l sebelah2 aje) Okay I think too much. Haha.

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