I love bags!

Before this, I did mention our goal was to buy wedding bands by this month. But things got a little twisted. Lol. I was browsing through Reebonz website because my colleague told me that there were sales 40% because of christmas. So I went checking on it hoping that the bag, which I have been eyeing on forever, will be on sale. However, to my delight, I came across an X’mas Big Sale and I RSVP-ed immediately. It was having 40-80% discount. Why not la kan.

Me: B, I RSVP-ed to this event so you must follow k. Mane tau my bag from $3.7 will fall within our budget.

Him: Okay.

Me: The event will be from 11am till 6pm at Clifford Centre. We must reach there at 11am okay.

Him: Huh?! 11 am?

Me: Abeh.. (I thought he would be mad because we rarely kuar siang for dating)

Him: Nolah, we must be there by 10am! I fetch you at 9.30am

Me: HAHAHAHAHAHHA. wth that was unexpected

Member lagi semangat la sey for the sale. Haha maybe because he was hoping the bag will be cheaper and not burn a hole in his pocket.

So on that day, true enough we were the 1st one (kite sampai kul 10am like we had planned) and it wasn’t open until 11am on the dot. Lol. But when they asked us to queue, we were the in the 8th position. Not bad la. Before that A already told me that if we managed to buy my bag, we won’t be getting our wedding bands. My sister on the other hand, told me to get our wedding bands because bags sale will always be ongoing. I mean it’s true. I kept my options open la. I was SO confident that I won’t be buying my bag. Jalan-jalan survey survey aje. Hahahah. Boy, was I wrong!

While we were queuing, A even came up with a strategy.

Him: So what are you going to do once you’re in?

Me: Hmm, I will just look around first?

Him: NO! You should go find and grab the bag you’ve been eyeing for. Nak beli ke tak, tu lain soalan.

Woah boy, champion la sey. Who’s the girl and the boy now?! HAHAHAH. It was the brilliant move (sorry la pagi2 buta otak belum warm up) I did just that. Masuk aje, tros grab that bag (I’ve learnt from my previous mistakes) and I was holding on to it throughout! And we were discussing on the price. Alhamdullilah because eventually, the price turun below 3k which was within his budget. I was a happy goober but he wasn’t really. We did walk around to see other designs and brands to keep my options open. I swear I would buy this (which was a great deal; from 3k plus turun 1k plus eh!) if it was in black. But it was in dark maroon (I usually like this color but it was too old for my liking).


Ohwells, I didn’t get this but I got another brand to much A’s disappointment. I knew along the way he did try to convince me to get a cheaper bag. I’m sorry sayang if I did burn your pocket hole (although it was within your planned budget. he just thought it was 80% discount and the price would be way way cheaper. lol) but you know I’ve been eyeing that bag since we got engaged. My bag was on 15% minus the $100 voucher we got for rsvp and minus another $200 because the price was above $2k. I doubt the bag price will go any lower because I have been tracking their sale hoping the price would drop but it never ever happens! It took him some time to recover because apparently that was the first time he had spent that much money at one go. Lepas tu A told me that another guy was eyeing my bag for so long hoping I would not buy. Hahahaha, been that done that! *flips hair* Overall, I’m pretty much contented. WE HAVE BOUGHT THE BAGGGG! Ouh, I did buy him a wallet (for dulang) because it was on sale – Dolce and Gabbana. It was impromptu as I intended to buy one for my father but I got it for him instead. Hurhur..

It really feels like we are finally starting on the preparations for our wedding. 1 more year…


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