This whole week has been filled up with activities. I went to the beach with the bestie (and swam at Sentosa Beach for the first time! IKR LOL), ran some errands, went city square (JB) with A via public transport, attended course for work and fetched A from his workplace twice! Sad thing is..I will be SO free on weekends. Yeap, no plans at all. Meh :/ A’s going to KL with his friends while I will prolly rot at home.

Anyway, mua exam results came out yesterday! The moment I came back from City Square and reached Singapore Custom, I msged to ask for my result.


Alhamdullilah I passed all with flying colours šŸ˜‰ Hah amek kau total of 6 modules eh this semester! 3 more semesters to go babyy! Not going to slow down any sooner..(kene cepat2 graduate sebelum kene sangkut. Woots! Hahaha)

I’m sorry I don’t have any wedding updates for now. The balance sume kene tnggu 2014 baru boleh start booking. Majority da settle..so…yeap, nothing much. Okay nak tengok ‘The X Factor 3’ repeat telecast (although da tau sape winner dier thanks to twitter -.-) Till next timee!


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