I actually had saved a draft on a happy post but I deleted all of it because..let’s just say things didn’t go the way I planned. I blamed my horoscope for being a LEO. Something about LEO needs to be in control and want things to go their way. My exact sentiments. Yesterday, my FPIL came over to discuss on caterer and other stuff. There were a few stuff I wasn’t happy or expected it. I don’t think it’s appropriate to touch on such sensitive issues here.


When I’m not happy, I kept quiet and it’s all written on my face. Else, if I ever voice out, it might turn inappropriate and disrespect towards the elders. I guess I have that problem ever since the berkat issue. Because of that issue, I can’t sleep at night. I have this raging anger in me *Sabar farah..breathe in, breathe out*


Like I said before, I should have foreseen this combined wedding won’t be an easy planning. We can get through this together.

keep calm


Oh, happy 1 year engagement farah! Pfft. Let’s hope for a better year ahead..In Sha Allah, amin.


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