nobody said it was easy.

*wipe dust*

Been quite some time since I last updated a proper one huh? Updates on wedding: We’ve booked our caterer! Yey! MJ Catering it is πŸ™‚ We all liked how the caterer explained to us step by step on how it works. The only weird new thing about it is they don’t count by per pax. Hence, we gave the caterer our budget and he’ll work around it I guess? This thing is still new to me so I’m leaving it up to my parents to handle it.

1 year to go and I’m panicking if I have enough time to plan and all. Is this the symptom of being a bridezilla?

Let’s check on the list of things to do (not in any order as I’m typing as and when it pops up in my head) :

1) Book Gubahan Services

2) Book Photobooth/Guestbook

3) Buy wedding bands

4) Buy barang-barang dulang

5) Sign up for wedding course

6) Source out for wedding favours

7) Book venue (I just recently got to know that CC no longer accept 6 months in advance ar? Now reduce to 3 months liaoo)

8) Book Kompang + Dikir

9) Book Tok Kadi

10) Invitation card?

11) Buy bedroom set

12) Book honeymoon package

13) Learn how to cook laaaaa

I think that’s about it? :/ Meeps. It’s not helping that I MIGHT go through a career change and starting new semester soon as well. Oh farah! My family have been discussing about what color to wear for my wedding when I, myself, haven’t really decide which color to choose from!! Kecoh kape. The idea was my side to be green (since it’s my favourite color) and his side to be blue. Then decor? I want it to be mint green and gold but the father said it’s too pale -.-” All my color choices got rejected. You tell me la how to decide color like that!

Oh, did I mention that A’s going for 1 week (what we agreed was 4 days but suddenly tukar) holiday with his friends this coming Feb? I just got to know yesterday! How wonderful! -.- And also the possibility that in Feb, we need to make a trip to HDB to select our unit? (yes, application was successful) I don’t wish to flaunt my dirty laundry here but you get where this is going right? How can I not get worked up over such situation?.. Haish..

This engagement phase is really testing me..nobody said it was easy though. 3 words: REMPUH AJE LAAAHH


4 thoughts on “nobody said it was easy.

  1. heh heh your number 13 and green colour same2..anyway yr to-do list helpful for me also haha though mine da siap in excel segala..mcm best gitu eh plannings..photobooth u cn try cinnamon production in fb..last i checked they charged 400, not so bad i guess

    • Hello! Yeah, I had the detailed one in excel worksheet also. Roughly there la but here not in order. Best eh planning? Stress jgak and mata tend to be rambang (is my malay correct?lol) with other vendors when you’ve already booked a certain vendor. All the best in planning!

      Anw, thanks for the recommendation but I’ve just booked my photobooth vendor. lol. Will probably update it after today πŸ™‚

  2. Hey babe! Blog-hopped my way here. Mines’ in 2015 too! Gonna be a hectic year planning with all the preparations! Yikes! Haha. Like what you’ve mentioned,I’m encountering the same scenario for my mum and her sisters. They’ve started to discuss on their colour theme when I haven’t even booked my bridal.

    Btw, I’ve added you to my blogroll so I can catch on updates! Hehe. Happy planning!

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