Harlowwww! I’ve got so many things to pen down. More strikeouts on the list of things to book for wedding. Alhamdullilah! Or maybe it’s just me trying to get it over and done with before my new semester start! Oh noo! Yes, it’s starting next Wednesday. Hello 2.5 semester, another 2 semesters more to go πŸ˜€ Okay okay, enough with school, let’s get down to business on wedding stuff.

1) Photobooth/Guestbook

I know this is NOT that important. It’s more of a want than need but it’ll be a nice memory to add to a wedding right? Anyway, my initial plan was to book Zudyra Creations because me being me, malas nak pikir panjang-panjang. They provide photobooth, guestbook and gubahan services. Kan senang sume settle at one go. They just opened their booking for 2015 so I enquired them. I really really want the customized photo jacket for the guest to bring home but it was a tad over the budget la. I was viewing their packages and it took me quite some time to decide. In the end I was telling myself, “Ah, amek je la. $2 for guest to bring back is not bad. Their photos are very bright and vibrant in colors. Their gubahan also pretty decent and nice.. What’s more kan?” I did ask other vendor how much is their photobooth service and it’s about that same range. I told them I wanted to engage them but at the same time, I was feeling half-half on the booking. There were some delay in transferring of money due to some reasons. And because of that, I then stumbled across Snap A Picture Services FB. They were having a promotion on photo jacket! They took quite some time to get back to me (or maybe I was just impatient because Zudyra was waiting for me..) but the moment they were available, I was asking a lot of questions to the person via fb chat. Lol.


They explained that this is actually an add on to the package and gave me their basic package. To my disappointment, it was still over my budget which I had set aside earlier and I decided to weigh the pros and cons. Kecoh eh, padahal baru photobooth! Then I saw this:



Photocredits to: Snap A Picture Services

It’s something different from the norm. So pretty right the box!! I like the idea of wishing cards instead of guestbook. Plus zudyra guestbook is limited to 50 pictures tak salah but this can take up to 100 cards. Despite not being able to have customized photo jacket, I can get a customized wishing cards (which I will keep instead of the guest la) at no additional cost! Akak suke skali! The person I was liaising with was very patient with me, thank you! I cleared my doubts and told them I wanna book them. (of course I did explain and apologize to Zudyra for not engaging their services as promise). So yes, we placed the deposit already! One down! πŸ˜€ That being said, I have yet to source out gubahan services. Recommendations anyone? Bonito by Bob da tak buat lagi, gue hampa. But I’m sure he has his own reasons. I was thinking of Ribbons and Ties but need a few other vendors for comparisons..

2) Dreamers Soireè

Camera 360

I was looking forward to this especially! It was yesterday @ Goodman Arts Centre. I already blogged that my main intention for this RSVP was mainly to book the awesome Fluffbakery wedding cake. It was the night before when they posted at instagram that they are open to 2014 wedding only. I was already super sad la because this invite was calling out to 2014/2015 btb/gtb sey. But regardless, we still went ahead with it. When we reached there, we felt super lost. The only vendor I was familiar with was Pink Elephant Lab, SpinSugarStationery and Fluff Bakery.

We wanted to go Fluff Bakery straight but had to wait for our queue no. So our first stop was Spin Sugar Stationery. I got to know them from a friend of mine. She showed me their card designs and I loveee them! They were originally from tak salah and just last year, they starting to accept orders for Singapore (that was what my friend told me. hope the info was correct. lol). Anyway, their artworks were simple, classy and yet unique. Since we haven’t book our card vendor yet, why not kan take a look πŸ™‚ A friendly lady approached us and explained to us the different type of card texture. I didn’t know it was a big deal at first but when I hold that card in my hand, I felt happy and a grand feeling. The card is of good quality la sey. If I happen to be one of the receivers of that kind of wedding card, I will feel so touched and appreciated. Maybe it’s just me with my drama-mama reactions. Lol. But yeah, that’s how I felt surprisingly. There was this ‘Nouveau’ card which we both fell in love with. It was in mint green! (my color) My fiancΓ© do not have fancy or appreciation for expensive things but he was on the ball/go for this card. I was the one who kept him on the ground, stating our budget for cards. They were offering a really good deal and I understand with good quality comes with good price. It was just a shame to miss out and give it a pass on such good offer 😦 You guys should check them out though!

Then, it was FINALLY our turn for Fluff Bakery consultation πŸ˜€ They were such a friendly and outgoing couple. I told them that our date fell on 25 Jan 2015 and they explained why they did not accept 2015 orders first because they do not know if there will be any big event coming up. They did mention that they will be make an announcement in June/July when they will be opening orders for the rest of 2014/2015. Since we came down already, we did some consultation on the type of cakes we want. Vendors must love us because we are not a fussy/customization type of customer. We like it simple and nice. We don’t have a vision of perfect/ideal wedding but if it’s nice, we’ll go for it. Simple kan? Maybe that’s why I don’t opt for theme wedding? I couldn’t even decide with which theme to go with. Or maybe I’m just restricting myself from having so many options so as not to be fickle-minded. LOL. #inisumenormal

So we discussed about the type of texture I want for a wedding. I went for rustic messy kind. We initially wanted 2 tiered cake but was advised to do 3 tiered cake (bottom dummy) for a nicer layout. I’m not a big fan of flowers but a few wouldn’t hurt right πŸ˜€ So da sedap berbual, then they kept asking each other whether they can accept our order or not. I got a feeling that the week before mine they had something on. I told them that we actually RSVP-ed this event because of them. Call me kiasu but it’s like you’ve found THE ONE, would you let go of it just like that? So the conclusion of that meetup was…

Camera 360


ALHAMDULLILAH!! πŸ˜€ I was over the moon/rainbow/sunshine and what’s not! I got my dream wedding cake people! I was very grateful to them. Just made 50% deposit to them just now. Hehe.. At the end of consultation, we got cupcakes from Fluffbakery! Yippee! I took my all time favourite Red Velvet with Nutella. Le FiancΓ© virgin taste of fluffbakery cupcakes and he initially wanted to take other chocolate flavours but I told him to take ONDEH-ONDEH flavour instead. Tinggal satu sey! And the day before me and my friend were raving on that flavour but tak sempat beli. Sedap giler eh! Until the boy don’t want to share with me. Sedih pe. Hahaha. He even bite the last share of my red velvet yang ade nutella 😦 but he ended up buying me a new jar of nutella. LOL!!

Oh I forgot to mention that we received a cute door gifts from them πŸ™‚

Camera 360

Camera 360

It was a really good day yesterday. We didn’t know we spent 1hrs plus over there. Hoping to see Kahwin Khronicles/ Farhana/Farnamals (all same person. haha) but later I saw at instagram she came like late afternoon. Hehs.

So, we headed to Simei to attend a friend of mine wedding. I was excited to attend her wedding because she said her decor was by Mawar Prada. I’ve only seen 1 decor by them at instagram and hearing my friend raving about them. I really want to see it with my own eyes and god, I was blown away by the beautiful flowers dangling from the ceiling. Feeling mcm kat Japan cherry blossoms/sakura season that kind. Haha! Cantik bangat! Before this, me and fiancΓ© were discussing on color theme. He suggested Red and White but the first thing that popped up my mind was NATIONAL DAY -.- But Mawar Prada made the color choice exclusive indeed πŸ˜€

Camera 360

Camera 360

Sorry melantak. Lol, we didn’t have anything to eat since morning (apart from the cupcakes lol). Makanan dier sedap and puas hati!


That’s my friend! Gorgeous looking couple. She looked extra sweet while donning a scarf πŸ™‚ Have a blessed marriage Faiza and husband (Fahmi)! Moga kekal hingga jannah πŸ˜€

Woah, I took like 2 hours to write this entry! While I was writing this entry, I just confirmed my booking with Card Maison. Lol. Sempat. Yes! Another ‘list to do’ strikeoff! Ahhh pantat cramp! Hahaha. K byeeeeeee!


8 thoughts on “Strike-Offs.

  1. OMG LOVING THE HANGING SAKURAS! Talk about original or what, so cantik!!! And congrats on achieving a few milestones at one go. Photobooth + cake + card. Productive nampak?? Hahaha.

  2. Hi babe. May I enquire on Fluff Bakery’s quotations? I did try asking for 2015 but they have yet to open the bookings.kindly drop an email k ((:

  3. Hello there!
    May I enquire on Fluff’s quotation? I RSVPed for next month’s soirΓ¨e, but would like to do some ‘homework’ beforehand. And oh, not forgetting Spinsugar’s Stationery (if you remember) and also Cherriesmitten. Drop me an email at Thank you! 😊

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