This is exactly how I’m feeling at work right now. Blardy sleepy siaa. Hence, here I am trying to look busy typing away..an entry instead of work. Lol.

I’ve been busy with school (or rather slacking) despite taking fewer modules compared to last semester. Ah, need to get back on track F! Anyway, just a few updates on wedding. Finally, we’ve decided on the colors! However, I got a feeling that my vendor won’t have such colors and we’ll go back to basic; black and white..which is not that bad lah. Ohwells. That one shall be my backup colors when we finally meet the vendor.


I’m so glad we managed to strike-off a few of the things to do list. Fiance has booked our 2 days marriage course. I really wanted to try out at Masjid Sultan..but it clashed with my exam dates :/ So we decided to go for the Suchi Success Training Centre (which I have no clue where it is..haha!) It will be around May..so whoever going there, see you if you know me! Hahaha. I can’t wait and actually looking forward to it. It will be the day after my exams end. So selamat la. Org hurray-hurray enjoy, I enjoy at marriage course class eh. Well, anything with A makes the day worth it πŸ™‚

Next, I know it’s not THAT important to book yet but we’ve booked our kompang + dikir performance! As you know, we opted for Orchestra (Sri Gemilang) instead of karaoke/DJ. I don’t want people to ruin my day by singing oldies song or cannot-make-it-voice (no pun intended). My dad was the one who insisted on it. I actually booked this way way before in early 2013 or so? Haha. Anyway, we wanted to book some other nice kompang group but later I found out that their concept was almost similar to my orchestra. Plus, I want dikir barat performance (I used to be from dikir in poly..and my bro in-law is from a dikir grp, so ape lagi kan) as well during my wedding. I like their kecohness. Asked my sister to sponsor for it but we finally agreed on 50-50. Plus, I got a good rate for it πŸ˜‰ #gojer. I don’t really know how to ‘evaluate’ the bunyi kompang/suare drg etc..but this one video kinda blow me away. (sidetrack: Alamak, it’s facebook video..so I can’t upload it here :/) Try this:Β https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152111360310762

That’s another 2 down. Actually, I’m feeling kinda sad because A will be leaving for his 1 week holiday trip to Bali and Bandung with his friends tomorrow :/ So I’m girl_singlexsx on Valentine’s day (not that I celebrate it though..) and also on my precious weekend.


Thank god for class on Friday. Hah!

Weekend also lonely_girlxsxs_87465 because Saturday is usually a dating day for my girls with their partners. Meh :/


Nvm F, you can do this! This is nothing compared to his 3 weeks OBS during Army and not contactable at all.

Just look forward to something positive like when he’s back next week because…we’re going for our flat selection! Alhamdullilah..hope everything goes smoothly πŸ˜€ Have a good tuesday everyone!


10 thoughts on “February.

  1. LOL! you’re so funny! i mean from the way you typed your entry. and i also step busy by blogging too. πŸ˜› yay to us for taking kasih sejati but im going on march.

    and i can feel your excitement when you mentioned about selecting your flat! hahah! mine no more excitementscos waiting for keys. =.= the only excitement is to look at home decors! heee..

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