Of Ramblings.

So, A came back from his holiday trip earlier than scheduled because his flight to Bandung was cancelled (*evil laughter* to his cancelled flight only) due to the volcano eruption. It was so kecoh. I decided to fetch him from airport. After not driving for 23143253453485 years, I plucked the courage to start driving again. You have no idea how many times I checked the map to Changi Airport eh! Nak dekat 100 kali agak yer. Sampaikan the route to Airport keep changing sey! Tu part da kurang ajar. First few times I checked was to go all the way straight and exit 1. After that, I checked the map suruh Exit 13 to Kallang ECP. Confuse and panic kejap sey! Tanye all my colleagues and friends, ade suroh jalan by TPE lahh..and macam2. Tsk tsk..Not helping especially for a direction-idiot like me! Anyway, alhamdullilah selamat sampai sane.


Senang giler eh please. Stakat drive all the way straight aje from PIE. Lol! But the funny part, I was sooooo confident it was Terminal 2. Da park sume, check lagi..sekali Terminal 1. By then, A also da sampai. Hahaha. I swear I’ve never driven to Terminal 1 carpark before. So takot kalau keluar dari carpark nak u-turn teros balek pegi Bukit Batok. Tak klakar okay. So A being nice enough said that he will take the sky train to T2. Alahai, kesian member bawak beg berat2 travel from T1 to T2.

I wrote here before that I was more excited for 20th Feb because it was our HDB flat selection. The moment we sat down with the person and he explained how it goes, I swear my brain tried so hard to process the information that I couldn’t understand at all! Hahahah, bimbo sak Farah! Thank god for having a reliable partner like A 😀 (Actually not my fault la for not understanding. He explained things so fast and I’m more of a visual learner #foreverdefensivefarah) We selected our unit and placed the deposit. Being a math person, I have a thing for numbers. Lol. Didn’t you figure that out?

1) Our wedding date is on 25 Jan 2015 -> 25.01.2015

2) Our chosen flat unit is #07-809 (7-8-9) Geddit? You all geddit or not? K takpe, moving on. This is the plan for our future house 😀 Hello sayangggg~

Camera 360

Camera 360

The difference between a guy and a girl in selecting flat is that I want to get a flat near the shops (senang beli makan) whereas he wants to get a flat near carpark -.-” Well, we ended up choosing near the carpark just because:

1) It’s accessible for us and our future guest.

2) There’s a linkway at level 9 to the park above the carpark (how cool is that?)

3) There’s playground and adult fitness corner just in front of the blk.

4) And A has agreed to go to convenient shops whenever I requested to. Lol. (knowing him, I think he will drive his way there -.-” pemalas ehhh)

5) There are more occupants in that BLK. Haha..

Anyways..yey! WE GOT OUR OWN PLACE TO STAY IN 2019 (lol).


Our appointment was from 9.15am and lasted till 9.45am. And since we took 1 whole day leave. So ape lagi…masok JB la jawab yer. It was really a last min plan and the first time I went with him, ALONE. Usually, we’ll go with my parents. We went Bukit Indah aje. Thought of watching ‘Lego Movie’ but it was scheduled late. Thus, we watched ‘Pompeii’ instead. Not bad la the movie. It wasn’t out in SG yet. We had Nandos for lunch/dinner 🙂

Camera 360


Camera 360



We did some groceries shopping (for him) and went back home afterwards.

Yang part pening menoneng is the filling up all the documents. So many documents lah to be submitted by this Friday. Not helping when I need to retrieve back my payslip since 2012 and my company takde that record. Baiikkk.

School has been busy, work not so much. Kinda stress out with school. Other than that, nothing major happening (wedding-related stuff). Let’s do it and get it over and done with!



7 thoughts on “Of Ramblings.

  1. haha! i remembered those days when i need to call the company i used to work with to get my pay slips! punya laa susah dorang nak dapat kan. =.= but alhamdulillah everything went smoothly.

    3-4 months later you will be signing the lease! can start practicing on your signatures! :p

      • haha! i know how you feel!! when signing the lease i wasn’t paying attention to the lady, busy smiling. hahaha! tu uh! my signature tak consistent langsung! mcm nak tukar to a much more simpler signature. hahah! kahwin nye kene lawa2! pastu boleh laminate. hehe..

      • hahaha! nasib la our partner can pay attention on our behalf. lol! Yess, kahwin kene sign lawa2. Lepas tu laminate and frame skali! 😀 Hehe..you kahwin first kan? Jangan lupe practice! I got 11 months to go..lol

  2. Hi there! Your BTO will only be ready in 2019? Ohhh myy…. Lamanya nak tunggu… The only location im interested in will be out this june… Wahhhhh i forsee i will get my house later.. Wah pening!!!

    • Hey there! I think I know youu. Lol. Anw, yesss 2019 sey. But on a brighter note, we got lotsa time to save up for renovation so that tak clash with the savings for wedding. Good luck with your planning! & Congrats btw 😀

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