Wedding bands.

They said if you like it, you put a ring on it.


Rumour has it that we’re going to buy our wedding band soon! Haha. Banyak punya rumour eh. I did blog before that we intended to buy our wedding band last December but instead, we got the bag first. Lol. Our aim actually was to purchase all the expensive items first and then, slowly take our time to buy the remaining items for our dulang.

We’re the fussy-free couple but I do have a couple of rings on my mind. Hehe. To be frank, I’m not the diamond type-ring kinda person (which kinda explains why I don’t really wear my engagement ring 24/7. Oppss! Sorry b :/) It’s just so rimas. I have this habit of using my thumb to reach out to my ring finger and keep twisting the ring. Penyakit sak tu. I’ve also try asking my friends on what is their ideal type of wedding ring. They all gave me the same type of answer: Gem stones.





Photo credits: Google Image

Woah, vavavoom la sey! This I gotta verryyy nice @.@ I suke emerald! I don’t know what’s the price range..but whatever it is, I’m sticking to wedding band (*self-hypnotize). Plus, wedding ring is for every day use right? Then, wedding band is the most suitable ring for me. Hehs.

We did survey wedding bands before this. We intend to splurge spend a bit more on our wedding ring as we didn’t really spend a lot for engagement. We went to survey at Tiffany and Co, Bvlgari and Cartier just because we were at NGEE ANN CITY that time.

1) Cartier


2) Tiffany and Co.

tiffany and co

3) Bvlgari


Ahhh..of course, we’ve not really decide yet which one to buy. Heeeeeeee..or maybe yes. Hope the ring I’m aiming for is still within our budget though! That aside, it’s 10 more months to the wedding! Next thing you know it’s a single digit MONTH countdown, followed by single digit DAY countdown and then, majlis time. Wah time, slow down please. But on the other hand, cepat pon cantik jgak. Can go halal holiday together-together. Hahaha! Eeeppp~!

May our plan goes smoothly with god’s willing. Amin, In Shaa Allah 🙂


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