Wedding Bands II – Bought!

Alhamdullillah, another thing off the list. We finally bought the wedding band šŸ™‚ The moment we paid for it, it was like..THIS IS IT MAN. WE ARE GETTING MARRIED (haha, drama mau lebih. belum lagi part nikah eh!). I was feeling nervous while paying for the ring. Don’t know if it’s because of the price (ooppss!) or the fact that I’ll be living with this man for the rest of my life, bearing the responsibilities of a wife. The thought of becoming a wife still haven’t much settle in me. But hey, we’ll learn as it goes by right? In Shaa Allah šŸ™‚

Luckily we bought it early because the price will increase by early April! Fuuh, tak sanggup sey! Anyway, I wanted to have something memorable to be engraved on the inside of the ring..So, I asked A for ideas on what message to engrave.

1st attempt at asking…

Me: B, nak tulis ape?

Him: pin no?

Me: Taknak lah! Tak precious langsung sey. Plus I already know YOUR pin number. Takde makneyer.

2nd attempt

Me: Actually, I was thinking of engraving “my always”. What about you?

Him: If I’m your always, You’re “my sometimes”. Matching la kan?

Me: HAHAHAH. Kurang ajar sey! Tak baik!

3rd attempt (at the shop)

Me: How???

Him: Ahh! I tau! Kte engraved our wedding date, 25th Jan 2015. So I won’t forget our wedding date ever.


Me to salesperson: Sorry, I think we’ll come back again 3 months before our wedding to send our rings for engraving.

Hahaha, it was all fun and laughter with him. I laughed the most with him. Well, we have 7 months to think on what to engrave on our rings. So happy that we manage to clear quite a lot of things. Gubahan services booked with Ribbons & Tie šŸ™‚ Just have yet to receive any invoice from her :/ Next up will be BEDROOM SET! Urghhh. Shall settle it after exams in May!

Till then,

ā™„ A&F (azmi & farah)



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