It’s just Gubahan right?

I was so disappointed and had to cancel my booking with Ribbons & Ties :/ Emailed her early Jan this year to ask for quotation (and I clearly indicate my wedding date in 2015) so she quoted me the price $1xx. After much discussion with the fiance, we finally agreed to take up her package. Da happy-happy..tinggal tunggu invoice aje la for deposit. But after waiting for 1 week for the invoice (I assume she’s busy? This one I understand la the delay..), she sent me the new price for the package in 2015. It has now become $2xx -.-” So hampa to the max la. Actually, I was frustrated at first coz it’s like giving false hope sey but later she apologize for over-looking the date.

Then now what?

It’s like not getting my ideal decor vendor (KASAISAYANG) all over again. Urgh, the rejection hurts. But this one is more like I reject because of the price increase :/ Β Told him about this devastating news (only applicable for me apparently) and dier lagi tak kesah. “Alah b, stakat gubahan sey. Don’t waste so much la. Yang penting barang-barang dier.” What he said do make a point.. but kalau lawa, lagi sempurna kan? Even my mum sided with him -.-” saying that people don’t really look at the gubahan. They are more focused on the nikah part. Hmm..

I got 3 options: get my neighbour to do it (she did for my engagement), get one of my bridesmaids to do it (she DIY-ed her own wedding tray and it turned out not bad looking) and I DIY my own for both mine and A’s. I don’t trust A doing it on his own. The part of me doing DIY aje da lemau. I’m too tired/lazy to source out and DIY the decor part. I will surely be all over the place -.-” Most probably, I will be get my neighbour to do it…but..haizzzz…cannot have any nice theme 😦 

Overall, it’s just gubahan right farah? No big deal…right? Just let it go…(ala-ala cite Frozen)..


10 thoughts on “It’s just Gubahan right?

  1. I get what you mean. I wanted to book ribbons and ties for mine. She gave me the quotation and of course I have to discuss with my fiance and family kan then 2 days later when I wanted to confirm, she say dah taken up. Wah… so sad/angry/disappointed. Tsk. Then like you, i also thought of diy-ing, but then i told myself, im not thr diy sort. Might as well outsource. So I got elly weddings and theyre super affordable too! You can try. Lovecreatez also nice πŸ™‚

  2. Every year sure price increase ma. Just rajin2 source for vendors that suit ur budget. Kasai sayang does nice trays, gubahan klassique/ Innovazione Gubahans too πŸ™‚ dun give up k and cheer up πŸ™‚

  3. wahhhh, don’t waste that amount of money ah babe. there are other important things to worry about sey.. hahaha, I’m sure you can find something of the similar but at a more reasonable price, u can do it!! all the best!!! πŸ˜€

  4. Have u tried zudyra creation? I lost out too i wanted bonito bt he isnt doing trays for 2015 😦 now thinkin how to diy my own trays:(

    • Yeah i did..but theirs will be cheaper if you take together with their photobooth package. So sad that bob not doing gubahan traya in 2015. Mcm suey kan wedding in 2015(price increasesπŸ˜‘ and all)

      Anw i took up elly wedding yer service for wedding trays πŸ™‚ affordable and nice πŸ˜†πŸ˜† there are alot other vendors that do trays too! All the best πŸ™‚

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