Bestman issue.

9 months more to the wedding..woah, how time flies. Personally, I can’t wait for exams to be over in May so that I can focus on the planning of our wedding. Actually, majority had been settled..but I still feel I keep missing out something. Anyway, my MOH aka my bestie has been asking for a meet up to discuss more on our wedding. Prolly just to update them on what’s our progression and maybe discuss on the roles that they will be assigned to. The only thing is my dear Fiance still haven’t decide his BESTMAN. I mean as far as I know, guys are the easiest when it comes to deciding something. They are straightforward and hassle-free. I’ve been asking him who his bestman is since..last year! We’re supposed to meetup both MOH and BESTMAN this month and I’m giving him up till this week to pick one. I only got 4 bridesmaids and 1 MOH and he prolly got like 12 groomsmen (not sure if it’s inclusive of the Bestman or not)? Gawddd, punya la banyak! I’m asking him to cut down further, to which he still haven’t finalise it yet. Sure, you got a lot of friends but cannot ask everyone to be your groomsmen what! You cannot please everyone :/   

I’ve been trying to help him shortlist a few but we ended up arguing. So I give up la. Gasak dier. I just hope that he will pick the right one and able to work well with my MOH. 

Out of curiousity: What is the role of a BESTMAN apart from ‘taking care’ of the groom?


4 thoughts on “Bestman issue.

  1. Hmmm, from what i know la eh.. i think the best man will help the groom with his samping and change of outfit and all. maybe he will also liaise with the MOH for time keeping during the wedding?

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