Wisdom Tooth Dilemma


Yes, I’m in dilemma and in pain :/ Should have removed it when I was wearing braces! I mean the pain is quite bearable at the moment but I just cannot stand it. Very annoying and uncomfortable. It’s rubbing against my cheek skin inside. I’ve tried consuming anti-swelling, painkillers and gargle with mouthwash..but all is temporary relief from pain. 

So, here I am contemplating wanting to remove it or not. When I made up my mind to remove it, the pain miraculously disappear. When I decide not to, the pain slowly creep in. Macam tau aje! Tak ke kurang ajar -.-  I’ve been asking people around me and they asked me to wait for at least a week. Ah tak sanggup la! Better to remove it now right? Or maybe I should wait for May so my long MC (1 week eh?) can be used to revise for exams? So many factors to consider! :< Alah go jer la farah!


3 thoughts on “Wisdom Tooth Dilemma

  1. just go remove babe! I went to my dentist when it hurt, and scheduled an surgery two weeks later. by then, it din hurt and i did feel silly putting myself thru surgery when the pain was long gone. but I guess i saved myself from future aches!

    • Yes! Future aches, gotta agree on that! I was contemplating whether to go to any dental clinic or my dentist (who did my braces before).. but my dentist yer available date for consultation only is till end of April :/

      Will remove it for sure! Urgh, so annoying sey the pain. Thanks for your input! 😀

  2. Hello! I have all my wisdom tooth intact, too scared to remove with all those surgery and post surgery stories. Sakit dia one month but now its fully out it no longer hurts. But I can feel my other teeth moved and abiiiit different. Makan pon selalu terselit2. If cannot tahan just go for surgery 😀

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