Baby Talk

Recently, there had been a lot of baby talks among my friends and A. My friends keep teasing us to have 4 kids (-.-” padahal belum kahwin lagi eh!) We have plans to go NYC in 2016. And apparently, they are the ones planning for us when we should start “baby-making” so that it doesn’t coincide with our group holiday. Errr, okay. Lol. As for me, I have my own plans :p But like people said, “Kite merancang, tuhan yang menentukan” 🙂

When we’re alone, A always name our “future children” old names like Zaiton, Borhan etc etc (no pun intended). It’s just his way of turning it into a joke and to annoy me (always). Our recent conversations were like..

Him: *acting to direct his future kids* Eh borhan, zaiton, pegi tido siang. *show me the cheeky face*

Me: Hahah! Obit sey name b!

Him: *list a lot of alternative names* Actually kan, I nak name anak kite with Sheikh tau.


Him: Atau Khan ke..___ Khan. Sedap kan!

Me: You step ade keturunan “Khan” aje.

Him: Eh, ade la

Me: Hmmm?

Him: Hanor (“khan-or” / singlish / hokkien?)

Me: HAHAHAHHAHA! Kauuuu irritating kapeeeeeee!

On the other hand, I’m preparing an “agenda” on what to discuss with my MOH and A’s bestman on our wedding prep this coming Friday. I hope it won’t be awkward (although my MOH can be quite shameless at times. Lol :p). I mean what if we meet them, tell them everything and complete within 10-15 minutes? Lol. I hope it won’t be that case… 


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