Will you be my bridesmaids/Maid of Honor?

I finally met my girlfriends yesterday after eons of not meeting them. Nak jumpe drg punya la susah! Kalah jumpe superstar. We always have an impromptu meet up (can be either on the day itself or maybe we”ll plan 2-3 days beforehand). As I could be expecting a full force meet up (finally!) ape lagi, I’m taking my chance to hand them their bridesmaids’ gifts, which I’ve been holding on for quite some time :p

I remember doing an entry on bridesmaids’ gifts back then. I had so many ideas initially.

1) Emergency pouch/purse

This may come in handy on the day itself. But I couldn’t decide on buying the type of pouch/purse I want. And it’s a hassle to get the things one by one. (IKR, dasar pemalas yer bride. Lol)

2) T-shirt (TEAM BRIDE) / Gown

I saw so many nice things over at Etsy.com. One of it was the shirt/gown with embroidery. Boleh tahan mahal eh :/ If I were to buy it separately, nak suruh org buat the embroidery pon leceh (and mahal too?). Pardon this budget bride. Plus, I’m not sure if my bridesmaids will ever wear that shirt/gown. So, the idea got cancelled!

And the list went on. I was practically on etsy.com every other day to be inspired on what kind of gift to give them. I eventually ended up buying the hangers from the website. My first time ordering and liaising with the vendor. Not a bad experience afterall 🙂

Okay back to the meet up.

We met at kedai kopi, Alif, (our usual hangout) to eat prata and minum teh (so the pakcik-pakcik eh! Its not the place but the company that matters. Awwww). We exchanged our stories (*cough*gossips *cough*) and towards the end, before parting our ways, I just casually hand over the gifts to them. I was afraid they wouldn’t like it…but I’m SO SO glad and relieved that they love it as much as I do 😀 Let the picture do the talking la!

The card which I designed using powerpoint early this year. Lol. Halal la eh. It was inspired by some other similar card design which I found at google! And yesterday, I had to bring my heavy macbook just to print the cards using my workplace’s color printer (Opps?). Sanggup tauuu~

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 5.58.58 am Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 5.59.09 am

This was before I gave them the gifts. Lol, they were having fun bullying me and also they were talking bout holiday trips in October which I cannot go 😦 Btw, missing out 2 more bridesmaids who couldn’t make it last min 😦

IMG-20140421-WA0018 IMG-20140421-WA0020


I also bought cake in a jar from Bakery Bitz (instagram). Thank you for accepting last minute order. Initial plan was to order from SweeT Tooth Addiction and have it delivered but I just found out that they were closed on Monday. But this was amazing #mmmdappp even though I had to go to Jurong West to self-collect the items. Worth it 😀

#rainbowtella #redvelvetnutella #triplechoc

This morning, when I woke up, received a lot of notifications over at Instagram.






This MOH eh prangai tau. Ade biler tgh plan for holiday trip, member saje aje cakap the holiday trip was next Jan. She completely forgot sey bout my wedding 😦 But of course she cancelled it (she have to since I booked her way way way early last year!). Hurhur~ Thank you bestie! ♥♥♥

I have a total of 4 or 5 bridesmaids and 1 MOH. Thank you for being a part of this and being there for me 🙂 May the journey be a smooth one, InSyaAllah 😀

Planning will resume after May (lepaskan exam and kursus rumah tangga!) as well as updating this blog.

Till then, Annyeong! And good luck to me for exams, yet again.


3 thoughts on “Will you be my bridesmaids/Maid of Honor?

  1. Hi babe. May I enquire how much is one hangar? Been eyeing so many things for my bridesmaid at etsy (: anyway, how’s the quotation for your wedding cake?

    Thanks ((:

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