A quick emotional rant

I know I promised not to update till my exams are over but I’m having an overwhelm emotional turmoil right now (thanks pms). Apparently, my pms this month round are all wedding related 😦 And I’m not supposed to think about wedding till exams are overr!! Gahh. 

I’ve been checking out my instagram and they are flooding with pictures of Peti Solek Bridal new collection. And this is what I’m feeling (literally):



So pretty can?!



Only that in reality, I don’t have that much money 😦 If only…

And the feeling of saving up for wedding stuffs and paying for part time uni school fees are kinda killing me. I even shared with A on “what if” and “if only” scenarios. I know there’re no use regretting now :/

I even tried to reason with myself. It’s okay farah. Decision has been made. You got to trust the vendor you had chosen. It doesn’t matter. All the other things are to tempt you. What matter is you’re marrying the one you love and live with him happily till jannah, In Shaa Allah. I will get over this emotional phase… Urgh, I hate this feeling.



I need to sort out my emotions and get back on track for revising. I can’t wait for exams to be over. June, please come faster.


One thought on “A quick emotional rant

  1. Maybe you might want to consider the interest free study loan for part time studies from Mendaki? To lighten the financial burden a little. My bf who is in unisim took it to free up the cash flow.

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