story long long.

So, I’m backkkkk! 🙂 Finally, bidding goodbye to Year 2 and hello Year 3 Sem 1 in July! We shall worry about results when the time comes eh. Macam tak biase plakkk. I had a total of 4 papers on 4 different dates. It used to be 2 papers in 1 day but now they’ve changed it to 1 paper/day. Pros and cons. The cons are definitely using up a lot of my annual leave T.T Ah well. Last paper was on 23rd May (Friday), 6pm. No time to hooray-hooray (plus I was sick for that 2 weeks of exam! Maklum lah, nak pandai. Lol)

The next day, we had Kursus Rumah Tangga under Suchi Success @ the main Training Centre which was located at Aljunied/Sims Ave (pardon me, I’m very bad at directions). //sidenote: They will be moving to Macpherson July onwards! Initially it was 9am to 6pm. But they changed it to 8.30am to 6pm. There were a lot of topics to cover. I felt like macam tak cukup time gitu. As I’ve been reading a lot about it over at blogs, people kept saying that 2nd day was more interesting because they were covering about Junub. Pagi-pagi da ngantok, alangkah terperanjat beruk when the 2nd module on the 1st day was about Junub already! Teros terbangun and paid close attention. LOL! Actually, both days they covered about this stuff. The talk was given by Ustaz Khair (whichhhh my fiance intend to get him for our tok kadi :D). Long story cut short, it was really an insightful course which gave me enlightenment in many areas 🙂 Alhamdullilah!


Haha, the mandatory picture of the book (oh tak eh). I told A that he should get me that ring when we got married. Must follow the book mahhh.

I was looking forward to knowing your personality but that only happened on the 2nd day of course. As expected, I’m a high 20 (means 100%) a BANANA! My partner was…I don’t know la. He did anyhow sey 😦 I think he’s a watermelon (round and cute like watermelon also. hehe..)


Now, da dapat sijil! Da boleh kahwin! Woohoo!~ *throws confetti* buutttt, back to the planning of wedding 😦

Haven’t really got back to it fully as I’m overloaded with work after 2 weeks of leave. Will start during the June holidays, I promise. There are so many things to do actually! Little details which I have not thought about. Met up with my bridesmaids/MOH and they started bombarding me with questions pertaining to my wedding. Like WOAHHH. Chill man, I just finished my exams. We talked this over waffles, coffee and everything niceee 🙂


Picture taken from website:


I loveee their interior sey. Tumpang hipster kejap! Hehe. The waffles were superb. Crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. Soodapp giler eh. Tak leh angs *follow Sakunthala advertisement* Thanks to the bestie for bringing us here. Should give it a try! It’s near NUS there or you can try googling it. Lol.

Anywayyy, we focused a lot on my wedding prep. One conclusion I got from the impromptu meetup: I’m not alone. They are so ever ready to help me source out, contribute ideas and a whole lot more. I’m just thankful to have them. I think I will go crazy with the mindset that I don’t want to trouble people and do it on my own. ♥♥♥ you girls! (Missing of 2 bridesmaids though)


With the June holidays approaching, we’ll be having an outdoor photoshoot across the border 🙂 Hello, EsaWedding! Going over on the 6th to select our outfits and the following week for our photoshoot. Omg, I’m not that good posing for camera, some more with A. Pfft, we hardly take pictures together now. I’m just afraid it will be damn awkwarddd~ Lol. Hope for the best la. Plus, their clothes sume lawa-lawa please! *.* Maybe will update about my photoshoot..see how it goes 😀

Anddd, look what I found in my mailbox (actually it was quite some time back. only now can update. hehe)! Received a cute/bright invitation card from @labellebride.


My mum saw and asked whose wedding was it.

Mum: Sape kahwin?

Me: Kawan.

Mum: Kawan mane?

Me: Errrrrrrr…kawan internet? Lol!

I don’t know how to explain to my mother but I assured her I’m mixing with the correct group of friends. Lol. I’m honored to receive her wedding invitation card! Hehehe. Truthfully, I’ve never met her/talk face to face to her and what’s not but we are friends on social media and have a common friend for sure. Lol. Boleh la eh? Anyway, congrats Dee! Apparently on the 8th June, banyak org kahwin eh. I got like 3 weddings to attend to. Meeps.

Last but not least, a quick checklist to be done during the whole of June:

1) Do more research on honeymoon destination (flights/accomodations etc. Go for NATAS fair or book sendiri eh? Contemplating between both)

2) Source out for berkat (oh yeah baby, DIY!)

3) Check off at least 1 thing for barang dulang

4) Decide on bridesmaids outfit (maybe can wait till after raya. Now kain all expensive sia.)

5) Maybe drop by Amani to check on their decor color?

6) Find a new job.

All the best farah! Make full use of the time!


2 thoughts on “story long long.

  1. hahaha sometimes, my mum do asks too! she knows most wedding i went to are all so called ‘online friends’ but hey, i’m more in touch with these online friends then say… sec school friends! 😉

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