Honeymoon Destinations (Part 1)

I have been sick so often this year :/ It all started with a sorethroat (mother of all sickness!)..which developed into a high fever (until Doc got to ask me a couple of times if I’ve been to Saudi Arabia or any countries with MERS -.-)..then bad cough (asthmatic) due to phlegm..then diarrhea..Just when I’m about to recover from all the sickness, I developed an allergic rashes over the weekend. Very very bad. I didn’t even know what I was allergic to since I did not eat anything that was out of the ordinary. Had an injection for that :/ Yesterday, when I was waiting for bus at my bustop to go to work, I had like a 2 sec blackout. Panic kejap sey! Turned out, I was having a bad menses cramp! -___- Had to take MC today. Haish, I’ve never felt so guilty for being sick so often. Got to really take care of myself, Farah! Gahhh~

Anyway, we are still deciding on our honeymoon. Up till now, we can’t decide where to go. Here are the ones that are top on our list:

1) Maldives


Been doing research, every now and then, on the resort that we can “afford”. Lovely place. Just that, there are too many resort and we are so so confused! The only downside is that if we want to do activities there, it will cost more than usual. Plus, I’m still afraid of the fishes (IKR so kental -.-). Most of their activities require being in the water with fishes.. so nothing much except lazying around? A good place to relax indeed..Still, haven’t confirm anything yet.

2) Santorini, Greece


This has been my 1st choice of honeymoon destination ever since we got engaged! But then, A told me that end Jan & Feb is his peak period. Therefore, we can only go for a short trip like maybe 5 days or so. Thinking back, flying there will take at least 1 day..then spending 4 days there macam tak muai. However, I asked A again if he can extend the duration. To which he said heckcare la. Go jer. Woah! Green light! So we are considering this place again!

3) Turkey


I just want to go here for the hot air balloon in Cappadocia. Hehe. Macam beli barang on impulse. So dreammyyy seyy *.* But yet, a bit skeptical about their safety. Hmmm..haven’t done much research on that but we did check out their apartment.. not badd! 🙂

4) Switzerland


I love the calmness of this country.. and perhaps try out snowboarding maybe? 😀 But it will be a waste not to visit other nearby countries right? 😀 $$$

5) Bali


My fiance’s dream honeymoon destination. I really do not want to go here. I mean it’s a good place for honeymoon couple but I see it as rather lepas kahwin yer second honeymoon type. I always want my 1st and ONLY honeymoon to be somewhere nice and special before we have a kid. Yes, he wants to have a kid asap :/

6) Goldcoast


I told him that it’s a must to go for the MOVIE world and all their attractions/themepark. We love love (or rather it’s me) rollercoaster ride and anything adrenaline rush related! (Note: Got to try Bungee Jumping at Macau together!)

We both couldn’t make up our mind and therefore, resorted to balloting. Lol. I made a point that whatever we’ve chosen we should not change anymore and will have to stick to it. Rule: Choose the same destination 3 times.


We indeed had a good laugh! Azmi’s choice was rather a lot (diverse?) compared to mine. I picked Maldives 3 times in a row sekali eh! Woah, tak kasi chance langsung! (ps Mind my fiance’s self-proclaimed doctor handwriting. Lol)


It’s the place he really wants to go..and the place (Maldives) which I rather go than Bali. Haha.. You know what’s the conclusion? NO CONCLUSION. Coz this Azmi said that he’ll give in..and give me a choice to change. Me, being me, have a second thought and cannot decide up till now. MEHHHH! Or maybe we shall wait for NATAS fair? Hmm.. anyone been to NATAS fair? Is it really cheaper? Do enlighten me!


2 thoughts on “Honeymoon Destinations (Part 1)

  1. You may wish to check the weather for Jan/Feb for Santorini. As I recalled, it’s still winter in Europe and surrounding areas, so you may not get the beautiful scenery of Santorini as you hoped for if you go in that period. My fiancee and I were planning to go Santorini from Italy during our initial honeymoon planning but had to drop it due to the weather as we are going early Jan 2015. We will be going Swiss and Italy instead for two weeks and it’s way cheaper to plan your own trip and itinerary. Have fun planning!

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