Busy Weekend

Greetings mundane Monday! My weekends were quite awesome 😀 Let’s start with last Friday shall we?

6th June (Friday).
Took the day off from work to go to JB for outfit selection with Esa Wedding 🙂 Finally we got to introduce my MOH and one of Azmi’s bestmen to each other. No surprises that they both clicked very well! I was feeling rather sleepy on that day coz A’s call time was at 7.30am. Had to change my outfit a few times because I couldn’t decide what to wear -.-” Pagi-pagi da kecoh. We went by Woodlands checkpoint. Reached JB around 8 plus? It was rather a smooth traffic on that day.


Since we (me and MOH) were grumbling about being hungry, we stopped over at B.point for breakfast. By the time we finished eating, it was STILL early..so we headed out to City Square to kill time (eat again!). Lol. They had cute pancakes with chocolate drizzle! Yummehh~


After that, we were so full -.- I ate 1 prata kosong, 1 prata telur (their roti prata very big sumore!) and this. Mane nak carik org yang makan banyak before trying out the outfits. HAHAH. Anyway, along the way, A got lost and if we had missed the exit, we will be heading towards KL already! What should be a 15 minutes journey turns out to be..an hour journey? Lol. Borrowed GPS from dad but it was set to be in Malay language setting which can be quite confusing. Direction hancur sey. Ended up using A’s phone for google map. Goodluck later bayar bill. Hehe.

When we reached the place, I was amazed at the environment. The next thing I know, we began to select the gowns for trying. I got to say that for the first outfit je, I was trembling choosing which one I like. It’s just so surreal to me. Padahal baru photoshoot eh -.- We had a total of 4 outfits. We decided that we shall have 1 casual (meaning bring our own clothes), 2 western and 1 traditional outfits. That was the breakdown. I must say I had fun trying out all of the outfits I/MOH had chosen! But I felt bad coz the one assisting me was a pregnant Chinese lady :/ She was totally patient with me. OHHH AND GIRLS, PLEASE BRING A SAFETY SHORT OR AT LEAST WEAR A DECENT UNDERWEAR TO AVOID HUMILIATION. I wore a lacy and..let’s just say it’s inappropriate and embarrassing for me. Lesson learnt! Thank god she was a chinese and not a malay who wore tudung or else, I would feel uncomfortable. Hehs. In total I spent around 3 hours to tryout/choose 3 outfits and A only needs like…5 minutes? Itu pon they just measure him only. Meeps :/ But it was funnnnnn! 😀 Nak lagiii boleh?! Confirm bestman and MOH bingit je tunggu lame. Thank god for them for the 2nd and 3rd opinion. Coz all to A are nice -.-

Anyway, we took pictures of me wearing the outfits. I did mention that I had chosen 2 gowns (1 to go with his no. 1 uniform and another 1 for evening gown). Showed my mum the pictures and she was quite unhappy coz both are quite revealing (tube dress). Of course I was unhappy too with her comments and want to just heck care. But I know it won’t solve anything..so we decided to drop one of gowns for another traditional outfit. Haish..say goodbye to this dreamy outfit 😦 It’s not meant to be. Is it just me or that all the white gowns are very pretty? *.*


Anyhoos, we left the place at around 4pm? We were starving and went back to City Square for lunch/early dinner.


Bestie recommended El Migos and A kept ordering like there’s no tomorrow. So ape lagi, makan besar la kite! Did I mention that their portions are quite big? Kenyang gilerrr and definitely satisfying! 😀

C360_2014-06-06-16-10-42-834 C360_2014-06-06-16-11-56-437

A with one of his bestmen. Another A also. His bestmen names are all starting with A. Mcm plan gitu.


Me together with my one and only MOH aka my bestie 🙂

Going back time was quite jam. Had to wait for an hour or so gitu? Kinda forgot about it. Nowadays, it’s always jam going to JB via Woodlands. We are kinda of worried about our photoshoot this week which falls on a Saturday. A said the call time for this sat is 6.30am in order to avoid the jam *crying* We have to be there by 10am though. The thing about A is if I’m the co-driver, he won’t let me sleep in the car. He kept saying I’m being selfish and that’s why I have to stay awake with him. Aigooooo~ Kinda nervous for this Saturday photoshoot. It will be fun instead of awkward kan? :/

7th June (Saturday).
I had allergic rashes the day before. I think I’m allergic to cheese/chicken 😦 Therefore, A came to my house with home cooked food by his mum. Hehs. We just slacked at my home..and do nothing? Wait, I watched Hindustan while he re-watched Running man episodes. Lol.

8th June (Sunday).
Yesterday, we attended a total of 3 weddings. Chua Chu Kang, Towner Road and Serangoon CC. It was tiring for both of us…penat makan! First of was LabelleBride’s wedding! 😀 turns out she just lived opposite/nearby A’s place. I was excited to attend her wedding and follow her wedding hashtag to get updates #deeizzweds. I simply loveee her wedding deco by Jentayu. Her outfits and make up by Fatimah Mohsin is simply flawless 😀 Beautiful wedding, gorgeous couple! Congrats dee and may your marriage last till jannah, In Sha Allah. Amin 😀 Enjoy your honeymoon!


The other 2 are A’s friends. Superb food (don’t know which caterer) at Towner Road and also at Serangoon CC by Puteri Wedding. Their color was the same as my ideal wedding color T.T Coz Amani don’t have that color, we got to make do with other choices. Meh. We stayed till the end of the event and it was fun hanging out with A’s police friends. As the weather was scorching hot, the aircon at Serangoon CC was a saviour. After a long day. Betul-betul collect berkat day sey yesterday. Hehs.

This was us yesterday.

9th June.
Today is our 7th year anniversary and the last one before we get married next year. No celebration like every other years coz nak kahwin punya pasal kan. The moment I said yes to be your girlfriend on this day 7  years back, I know that you’ll be my last 🙂 I know I cannot separate you and your annoying character; I guess a part of me loves you for being annoying also. Cheers to more years spend and more adventures with you soon!

Shall end of with his lame/annoying poem trying to comfort me when I was kinda mad at him for a while just now.


HAHAHAHAHAHAH. HAPPY 7th years anniverysaryy babyyy!


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