Photoshoot done!

We finally had our outdoor photoshoot done on last Saturday with Esa Wedding Gallery. A total of 4 outfits – 1 casual, 1 evening gown and 2 traditional outfits. I’m glad that I changed the 2nd evening gown to a songket traditional outfit because it was beautiful! I initially wanted to reserve that for our sanding instead but nevermind 🙂

Since it’s a school holiday period, you can expect the jam to be quite bad, especially on weekend. A told me that he’ll pick me up from my house at 6am -.- Super tiring!.. Dalar everyday bangun pukul 5 pagi! On the day itself, I couldn’t really wake up and negotiated with him to fetch me at 6.30am instead. Thank god the jam wasn’t THAT bad, Alhamdullilah 😀 We reached JB at around 7 plus close to 8? Had breakfast at B.Point (haha my fiance only know to go there) with the same prata but I only ate 1 instead as I was nervous about the photoshoot. Nanti muntah mcm merlion plak! We reached the place at 8.30am and it was still close. Our appointment with them was at 10am -.-” So, we chillax in the car until it started to rain.. T.T



No make up face.

I was kinda worried that we will not be able to complete our photoshoot. We only have 1 outdoor and the rest will take place indoor. So we killed time with the indoor photoshoot first. First up was casual outfit. We couldn’t decide what to wear actually. We had a few ideas..but we ended up (with the help of my make up artist for that day) on wearing our jerseys. No, it’s not world cup jersey (too bad..I SUPPORT GERMANY BABY!) but it’s our favourite football club 😀 Hint: we are the biggest enemy/rival in football club. It was A’s idea btw. I thought it would be boring but damn, it was super fun! Of course, there were a lot of face to face poses…I couldn’t help it but laugh the first few times we were asked to pose like that! Awkward okay! 7 years knowing each other, doesn’t help to ease that eye contact. I must say, throughout the photoshoot, I’ve looked into A’s eyes the longest than being 7 years with him. IKR.

By the time we finished the first photoshoot, it was already lunch time. Ordered tom yum seafood fried rice from the place itself and they will deliver it to you. Super convenient because you don’t have time to go out, find food to eat. Oh, the weather was perfect after the rain! Alhamdullilah 😀


2nd outfit was the green traditional songket. I’m in loveee with that piece ever since they posted in their facebook. My photographer, Ah Dave, and my make up artist, Sally, are a perfect combination. So funny la both of them. Always bickering at each other. This Ah Dave kept calling me “cantik” when asking me to pose. Lol. Even A don’t praise or have that kind of nickname for me! In our pictures, mostly I’m smiling while A kept on laughing so that his smile won’t be fake. He got a fake smile unless he started to laugh! Weird kan ni anak. Throughout, I kept reminding him to laugh instead of smile.


With Sally 🙂

3rd outfit was the evening gown. A was wearing his uniform. Our shoot was at Iskandar. Journey there took us 30 mins. We were reaching the place when we saw like hundreds of motor (mat rempit) there. Imagine being the only car and surrounded by all these mat rempits. Fuuh, seram sey. Thank god the place was huge! Apparently, there was some motor event going on. It was beautiful..but taking pictures in front of the public can be quite embarrassing. To a point, some random mat took my pictures while I was posing for the camera. Meeps :/ Thank god for Sally who helped to block him from taking my solo pictures. I mean it’s weird kan? Although dapat feeling macam ala-ala celebrity tak menjadi..Lol. But what would he do with that picture kan? Hmm, okay shall not think too much!

By the time we reached Esa Wedding back, it was around 7 plus pm and we still have 1 more traditional outfit! In the car, we were thinking of rescheduling but coming back just for another 1 outfit is a waste of time. Their place closed at 8pm and there we were still shooting away till 9 plus. Felt bad for those who had to stay back just for us. It was fun but damn tiring indeed.

We had to smile non-stop the whole day. Kinda give us a preview on how our wedding day going to be like. Mulut/Muke cramp okay. Penat tahap maksima. I’ve always been wondering why pengantin so penat when they do nothing but just change outfit, go to the pelamin, smile, take pictures and done. Oh boy, was I wrong or what! Need to practice smiling more often for wedding. 7 more months babyyy! I hope that all pictures will turn out great. We’ll only get to see the pictures in 2 weeks time. Let’s patiently wait for it…..



3 thoughts on “Photoshoot done!

  1. Ahhh… fun nyaaa! Reading about it makes me all excited and worried at the same thing as mine will be two days. Mau sapu moisturizer kat bibir and pipi jadi tak kering pasal sebok senyum.

    • Hehe..I think 2 days will be better and slightly less tiring than squeezing everything in 1 day! It is fun! I still smile, remembering those moments 😀 Kene banyak exercise mulut tu so tak cramp. Hahaha XD

      • heheh! okay! shall remember to exercise mulut. havta google now. i nya orang da laa susah nak smile nye orang. =.= all the best eh senyum sampai mengeletar pipi.

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