Random updates.

Taking pictures with A can be annoying as hell. These are only 6 successful shots out of those 541313541 fail shots.


Haven’t been doing much for wedding prep but instead, we are geared up doing our honeymoon itinerary. Lol! Wedding itinerary pon tak terbuat eh (or isit masih siang?). I sucks at itinerary 😦 I hope to get things organized soon.

Err, on a different note, we both passed our exams with flying colors! Alhamdullilah, amin 😀 3As and 1 B, not bad farah (being one of my slackest exam prep ever). A was not confident with his results but I had confidence in him. Turns out he did pass all subjects. Amin Amin. We got 1 more year to go! 2 more semesters and finally we can graduate together, InsyaAllah! May everything goes smoothly. Oh, and fasting begins this week! Another thing to look forward to 🙂 Next year, it will be fasting with A and family plak. Selamat berpuasa in advance everybody!


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