take a chill pill.

I’ve been getting easily pissed off for no reason towards people. The only one keeping me sane is A. Today, when I decided to go through the excel file of our budget, I got stressed out AGAIN. Like will we have enough? How to increase our income/earn extra income? InsyaAllah murah rezeki… *praying for one*

I just want to get it over and done with! But I can’t…got another 7/6 more months to go. You won’t understand the feeling unless you’re a BRIDE yourself. This anxiety. This stressing out part. Gawddd. Let’s take one thing at a time shall we? Even my bridesmaids started calling me a BRIDEZILLA. It’s not as if I demand them to do any stuff for me or rant out my feelings to them..you know like the typical real BRIDEZILLA? They’re just calling me that for the fun of it -.-” It’s okay, farah! You can overcome this feeling/phase. If possible, I don’t want to think about wedding until the date is closer. Oh, and new semester starting soon. Let’s embrace the stress feeling! Tu ar, gatal nak kahwin sgt kan. Haish.


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