Photo selection + Berkat

I noticed that most of my updates fall on a Monday. Lol. Anyway, feeling much better (emotionally) and hope that it last longer. Got quite a few to update actually 🙂

1) Outdoor Photoshoot – Photo Selection Stage

It was the date I’ve been anxiously looking forward. It was supposed to be 2 weeks after our photoshoot but it fell on the 28th June (a day before fasting). Actually I thought that it (28 June) would be the 1st day of we postponed it to another week; 5th July. The day before, they gave me a call to confirm that I’m coming. I didn’t know what to expect actually. I just select photos right?! So I asked them how long will it take. To which, I got a reply that it will take at least 5 hours or so, depends on the couple also. Knowing that kite sembarang punya orang, I told myself that “nahhh, we won’t reach THAT long. We chop chop done la”. I even told A and we laughed it off. Luckily, we didn’t make any plans after that. Boy, was I wrong or what!

I was nervous on the outcome of the photos. Will it look nice? Will I look nice? I’m not good with posing in front of cameras, especially those lovey dovey poses with A. So.Damn.Awkward can?! When we reached there, they took out our album and I’m IN LOVE with ALL of the photos. Okay lah, not ALL but majority okay? XD We had a total of 135 poses in 4 different outfits. My favourite was the casual  outfit (THIS WAS BRILLIANT! AND MY MAKE UP WAS FRESH. hehs), the green songket and white gown. The last one made me look older and can tell that both of us were really tired :/

Sadly, based on our package, we can only choose 21 poses only 😦 We really didn’t intend to spend anymore on this (no budget set aside for it). From 135 poses, we removed those that we don’t want. This part is still easy. We had a balance of 100 poses left. Aww man. Felt like we removed a lot sey! Padahal baru 35?! -.-” Then they introduced us different packages. Like for additional of 79 poses (100-21), how much it cost..and what we’ll get etc etc. The package even reached up till RM15,000 ++  I mean that’s a definitely a BIG NO NO! So, we went on removing more pictures. We managed to remove slightly more this time..and we still have a balance of 60 poses. Mampos. That stage of removing photos already da sakit hati sikit. Sikit je tak banyak. And they keep introducing a new improved package. Luckily we know what we want. So basically, the stage of removing photos were like this:


Really really heart pain 😦 It really took us 5 hours to decide on everything. Didn’t know it was so tough 😦 Another couple, who had their photoshoot the same day as us, were also there to select their photos. They were less stress and very relax. Kite, on the hand, stress giler okay! Maybe because dorang da kahwin and no need to worry about expenses (sembarang aje buat assumption utk org. haha!). We couldn’t cut down to 21 poses as intended because of the album which requires a storyline/flow thingy. A bit of a hassle actually but I assume it will look nice on album, rather than random pictures with no story right?

So there goes our photo selection. Be prepared for hidden cost. We couldn’t keep the photos due to budget constraint and also we had to prioritize carefully. It was such a waste but a good experience indeed 🙂 Can’t wait for the final product!.. Oh, and we bid goodbye to the swing which A broke the moment he sat down on it during our photoshoot! Sorry to the future couples coz they cannot take photos there. Lol. Such a nice swing..


2) Berkat

I did mention that we intend to DIY our berkat. My friend passed me the info to get these containers. Been wanting to go there but A still not familiar with the places. So thank god, right after our photo selection, we met up with my parents in JB and went to this place. OMG. It’s like a PARADISE!! All those cheap barang-barang kahwin you can get’s called KAHWINS WEDDING ACCESSORY SDN BHD 😀 I was amazed that you can actually buy the DIY stuff for dulang base and other accessories.

Yes!! My dad actually had paid deposit for these containers 😀 Alhamdullilah. One down. We’ll be collecting it in Aug (cepat pe my dad ni -.-). My friend had volunteered to do the tag for me.. So we are left with the isi container 🙂 Btw, this is mad cheap okay! It’s less than RM1 (due to the qty we purchased)!!


We went around and saw a box full of this sarang burung. So rustic kind. It stated RM2 on the box. We cannot believe it sey! Technically, it’s like 30pcs of these cost RM2 kan? But turns out to be RM2 each. Lol. But still not bad kan? Boleh buat utk bunga rampai kan kan! *beaming with ideas*


Alhamdullilah, mission accomplished! Again, we managed to settle quite a few stuff before school reopens in a couple of weeks time. Meeps :/ All the way till Nov.. In the meantime, the countdown continues…! 6 more months!! Save the date people! 😀



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